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  1. Hello. Does anyone know really ethical good English speaking Turkish lawyers who are familiar with rules around millitary, citizenship and inheritance? thank you!
  2. Hello. I need some help or advice regarding the below really complicated situation... I have a friend who was born in Lebanon and never had any real ID papers because of the war and his parents not being able to register him. He was stateless all his life until he recently acquired his "laissez-passer" passport which is a travel document for stateless people that allows them to travel freely within certain countries. The problem is, my friend is also from Turkish descent. He is a Turkish Arab. He only got his Turkish citizenship 2 years ago because he was never registered either!!! (Divorce, family problems and feuds..etc) (he is 34 now). His place of Birth on the Turkish passport states "BEIRUT" not Turkey. He has 2 different names now because of this dillema, SO he basically lived most of his life without any identity, or country to belong to not in Lebanon or Turkey. His native country (Lebanon) does not acknowledge his existence, and we have very bad laws for stateless people here. They can't get married, they can't travel, they can't do much. What is worse is his name on his stateless travel document is different from his name on his Turkish passport. Which means he has 2 identities. 2 different identities! He has no one to ask for legal advice around what he needs to do not to get arrested at the airport if he goes to Turkey because he wants to meet family/relatives. He has the army situation going on since he is of age of service. He can't travel from Lebanon to turkey on his stateless passport because he needs a visa to Turkey which has been hard to do.. No one in Lebanon has any answers. The consulate is not that helpful either but he is planning on going again. His life is on hold, he has been with his girlfriend for such a long time they are unable to get married.. He missed out on great career opportunities because he was unable to travel. He doesn't have a residency permit on his Turkish passport that allows him to stay in Lebanon (which practically means he is illegal in the country). Each storyline of his situation gives a bigger obstacle.. does anyone know how he can get information regarding his army status? Will he be arrested at the airport if he goes for the first time in his life there, only having been a citizen for 2 years? If he is stateless in Lebanon and has a Turkish passport, does he have any way of entering Turkey without being detected the first time for the army? He's never been there in his life and the Army obligatory service is a very bad place to be according to what I have been reading and can be dangerous if he gets sent out to an active combat zone. This guy has had a very difficult life already and his mental state is not so well right now, as his friend, I fear for his life and I am trying to find loopholes or ways that can help him survive this cruel world and its meaningless rules. Please help! Or get in touch in private if you know of an English speaking lawyer who can help my friend go back to his roots and meet his family without being arrested for fraud (because of his 2 names) or the army! He just needs to clarify his very complicated case to the government or officers... everything that happened to him was his parents' fault. They did not register him as a child in both countries..he has suffered too much..he has no rights in Lebanon, his girlfriend is not doing so well either she has been waiting for him for 6 years and she does not have much time anymore to wait him but they are so in love and want to get married, they just can't. I heard that the best way to do the deferment is through paying the fees ( 3110$) overseas in addition to proof that he has been working/living abroad for 3 years. He has been abroad his entire life, never visited Turkey once.. Do you know what the papers to apply for deferment in this very complicated case? especially that the Lebanese authorities don't know about his Turkish passport yet? Because of the issue with having 2 different names thank u!
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