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  1. Hello, I'd like to send some personal items (clothes and books) from Turkey to the UK. Can anyone recommend a good company? I've got one quote so far to send roughly 80kg/ 4 cubic metres for 2000 euros, by road. This seems to be overly priced. Am i right?
  2. I was bitten by a street dog in Istanbul two nights ago. I went straight to Haseki hospital and was given a tetanus injection. I have three more injections to get in the coming ten days. I have to say, the service at the hospital was very poor. There was no advice given on what care to take of the wound nor about the injection and any potential side affects. Is anyone here able to offer any help? I've been told the state hospital in Sisli offers a better service.
  3. The document is called tebligat. It gives standard information (as far as i can translate) about waiting for the result of the application. There is no information about leaving the country until the RP arrives. My e-visa with which I entered the country is no longer valid.
  4. My residence permit application in Istanbul is under assessment. I have had my appointment and have been told it will arrive within 90 days, if approved. However, i now need to leave the country for 10 days. I've called the Migration Office helpline and have been told conflicting stories about the legality of leaving Turkey whilst waiting for an RP to arrive. Some staff members say it can't be done at all, others say it can but only if a fee is paid and a document called the muracaat is obtained. Can anyone here offer any advice or clarification?
  5. Hello, I am co-producing a short documentary for YouTube on the experiences of expats in Turkey. I am looking to speak to a wide range of people from different backgrounds living all across the country. If you are interested in finding out more or being featured please get in touch. Filming will take place between the 7th and 22nd of October. You can contact me on whatsapp: +90 545 406 12 20.
  6. I'm applying for a short-term RP. I called 157 and was told to go to www.e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr. When I type this I am told there is a privacy error and my connection is not private. (I only get this message when trying to reach that particular site). I've tried logging on and off again but to no avail, so far. There is another site: e-ikamet.com It gives information about what documents are needed and the cost of the RP but it doesn't provide an application procedure. Can anyone provide any advice on how I can proceed and which of the two sites is authentic?
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