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  1. Thank you Redders for that info, especially the list at the end of what the appraiser report actually includes. Why does this process only apply to foreigners though ? That makes no sense. If this only applies to foreigners, it is another disincentive for sellers to accept a foreign buyer due to the delay involved with getting the appraisal done, as well as the seller not being able to claim a lower sale price for tax purposes (as my friend found out).
  2. Ken, my foreigner friend has been told by various emlaks and also a lawyer that an appraisal report is required for ANY purchase of property. Most recently, she found an apartment she wanted to buy for 400k TL. But the seller said because she is a foreigner, they would not sell to her due to it would require an appraisal ( seller is trying to avoid large tax bill).
  3. Recent new law is that as part of property purchase process, an "exper" must come and appraise the property's value and prepare a report, seemingly for the title office. How does this affect the agreed purchase price, if at all ? What happens if the "reported" purchase price is much lower than the appraisal valueb? WHO decides which price is given to the title office ?
  4. 2-year health insurance policy ??? I have been told there is no such thing. I always have to get two 1-year consecutive policies.
  5. No idea, Dan. I have never seen DASK nor health insurance in e-devlet. In fact, there is very little info about me in e-devlet. One thing I CAN see is my local police record (adli sicil), and driver license info. Another thing I have found e-devlet useful for is getting a long-term HES code. Strange, that owning property is not important enough to be in my e-devlet.
  6. Don't feel bad Dan, I've owned my place for 8 years and there is nothing in e-devlet about it. No record of my deed, or DASK. I suspect they haven't added property info for foreigners.
  7. Don't want to spoil the occasion, but I'm wondering if Pakistani citizens are allowed to get a "touristic residence permit". In late 2019, certain nationalities were no longer allowed that residency option (i.e. Iranians). Just wanted to ask the question. It may affect Zohaib's option #2: 2nd Possibility: Rent property Apply for tourist residence permit Find property
  8. Dona, that's good information ! I was wondering how it could be apostilled already. That is done in another office (I can provide further info). I will search for that fingerprint form. Thanks.
  9. It's very confusing. I haven't even lived in the US for over 20 years, not sure what value a police report from there would be; seems to me that a Turkish police check would be more applicable, but I don't make the rules. Your friend is fortunate that they did not require it, but I've been told that for UK citizens it is an easy report to get. At the risk of boring non-U. S. readers: according to the US State Dept, the FBI DOES do record checks. See the following link: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/while-abroad/criminal-record-checks.html
  10. Fada, you are fortunate you were able to get the Tapu Kaydi so easily. It took me half a day, mainly because their system does not recognize foreigner TC numbers, so you cannot get a waiting number, and you have to beg someone to help you.
  11. Since 2010. Before that I was going to Greece every 3 months to renew my tourist visa, since residencies were ridiculously expensive.
  12. Update....... I decided to try applying for a long-term residence permit, WITHOUT a police record check from US..... and of course, I was shot down. I had everything else they wanted for it though..... So for me at least, police check is required for LTRPs. So I'll go for a short term again, as a police check requires a trip to the US, which is not in my near future at the moment. Now I just need to figure out HOW to GET this "record check"....... Also, whether it requires an "apostille" (unknown in US), and whether it needs to be federal (FBI) level or not. Easy for Europeans though, apparently.
  13. Ömer, are you looking for somewhere outside of the city but within easy travel distance ? Yes the area you mentioned is a good option. Urla / Güzelbahçe / Narlıdere. Major Izmir-Çeşme road passes through that area. There are city bus links to F. Altay (Üçkuyular) on western side of Izmir. The Metro will be extended to Narlıdere (construction underway). Also, there is a main highway to the airport from F. Altay. As far as safety, if you mean crime, it is very low, as it is in general here. Any more specific questions, please ask.
  14. Redders, that makes sense. Of course we should have to provide the same documents that a Turkish citizen does. My friend's problem is that his high school diploma was issued 40 years ago. A bit hard to obtain a "legal" copy now. He has a university diploma but they will not accept that, MUST be a high school or equivalent diploma. Makes zero sense to me. I also do not believe all Turkish drivers have the required diploma.
  15. In the past we were able to exchange our foreign license for a Turkish license (after some actions like giving fingerprints, eye check, etc) but we were not required to take the actual driver course and test. Now, we have been told that U. S. and Canadian citizens cannot exchange their licenses for a Turkish license, they must go through the course/test. My friend's only problem with this is his Turkish is not sufficient enough. He is willing to pay a translator, but he needs to learn if the driver testing center will allow it. So we are hoping to hear from anyone who may have done the tests with a translator, and how they went about it.
  16. Any resident foreigners out there who have completed a local driver's course and test to get a Turkish driver's license? My friend has been driving for years on a U. S. license and wants to get legal. Looking for comments / information.
  17. Here's a few of mine, compiled over my 20+ years in Izmir: 1. When you still check the taxi meter after midnight to see if it's on "gece" rate (habit from the past). 2. When you no longer automatically assume the older men with young girls in the bar are daddy and daughter out for a beer together. 3. When you need to leave the country every 4-6 months for a break to get your head screwed back on straight / go back to reality. 4. When you seek out the "expat" bars in the resort towns for something "different". 5. When you are no longer surprised when the bank teller asks for ID when you are DEPOSITING money. 6. When you automatically stand right on someone's rear at the ATM to avoid anyone cutting ahead of you. 7. When it no longer seems strange that no one ever pushes their chair in when they get up. 8. When you have forgotten what it's like to drive because you haven't had a car for years. 9. When you notice the LACK of the call to prayer when in some other countries. 10. When it seems normal that Christmas or Easter are just another day.
  18. Cowboy...... perhaps I can assist also.... if you could give us a little more info on what kind of environment you are looking for, that would help. Urban, suburban, country ? Near the water ? Convenience, i.e. shopping, public transport, etc ? Nightlife ? Will you be expecting/wanting to use a car ? That will affect location, as far as parking options if any near your residence. I've been in Izmir 20+ years. I have fellow expat and Turkish friends. I am more familiar with the city itself than the outlying areas. Perhaps I can answer questions or find someone who knows better. I live on the west side in Goztepe but I have had 3 other residences in the city. I'll be happy to try and help.
  19. Understood. I was just saying originally that I know several people here who were given the long-term, even though they applied for short-term. One guy has been here for decades. And of course they had not provided a criminal records check, as it was not required for short-term. It would be nice to be so fortunate.......
  20. Very strange. Congrats to your friend though for getting his long-term residence permit! I've noticed that different provinces seem to have different procedures. Also, the rules change constantly even within the same province. My experience can be very different from another's, within the same office ! I'll continue to apply for short-term though and hope I win the lottery and get a long-term residence permit. I just passed the 8 year constant residency mark, would have been sooner but I was going to Greece every 90 days to renew my tourist visa for awhile.
  21. I have a few (U. S.) friends here in Izmir that were issued long-term residencies (expire in 2099) after they applied for SHORT-term residencies. They have all been here as residents for at least 8 years, which supposedly is the minimum time to be eligible for a long-term residency. They did NOT provide a criminal record check, as that wasn't (and maybe still isn't) required for SHORT-term residency. Has anyone else seen or heard of this bonanza ??
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