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  1. I have been in turkey many time, an really love the country. Alana and Side is my favourite cities. Im also a huge fan of trips and adventures and because alanya and side is both by the sea there is a lot of things to do! My favorites are diving, day trips to small cities and rafting. So much fun! Last years i met this guy Pasha and he have one trip company called Nasa Tour. I booked my trips from Nasa Tour's website and I'm happy i did! Service was amazing, you can really see how good quality they have and how they really care about them customers. Also everything was included in price like promised, no cheating or changing the price. I really enjoy to visit in Pasha's office and just sit with him and talk a lot. He's such a great guy! Full of jokes and positive vibes. I highly recommend Nasa Tour company, this summer I'm gonna buy all my trips from him again and visit him office many many time https://www.alanyadailytrip.com
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