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  1. Hi, I finally received the Residence Permit Card that was rectified by DGMM. Now I am seeing my real date of birth and everything is fine. Thank you @Ken Grubb
  2. I went to the DGMM office where I applied and they've rectified the error from their system. Secondly I was told to wait for a NEW CARD. @Ken Grubb
  3. I finally received my Residence Permit Card today. After getting the card I noticed an error on my Date of birth and Month. I was born on 01/11/1997 but on the card is written as 31/10/1997. Please advice me on what to in other to recified this error. Thank you in advance. @Ken Grubb
  4. Yes! I have applied for the Residence permit and it is two weeks now. Today I received an email from them saying my Application has been evalutated positively. @Ken Grubb
  5. Finally, everything is fine. I had a new Passport, so I decided to use the expiry date of the New Passport instead of the Old Passport and the system took. Normally the Passport I used to enter Turkey should expired on 12/11/2019, but i decided to use 11/03/2024 in the new Passport and fortunately the system accepted. I am now waiting for my appointment date to be given by GIGM. Thank you all. Cheers :)))
  6. I recently tried the residence permit application online but is giving me errors whenever i reached to the travel document portion. Isn't allowing my passport number and is the same passport I used to enter Turkey three days ago. Please I need help if anyone had this incident before.
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