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  1. Hello, Just wanted to query if you have served a few months in the Turkish army and half way through the service you have the 15,000TL, is it possible to pay to come out of the army? Or once your in you have to stay for the full service? Also, does every soldier carry an army ID card with them? Appreciate everyones comments. many thanks
  2. OR are you allowed annual leave in general without paying? If so, when is this normally any month or a specific month they let you off release? My bf is saying May. Thank you
  3. Hello, Hope someone can help. My boyfriend is currently in the army he said that you can offer to pay bail out to have a months leave off out of the 12 months he is serving for a price of 3,000TL. Is this possible or is he lying? Also, are you allowed to secretly use your mobile phones? Many thanks in advance all comments appreciated.
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