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  1. Thank you ken , good to hear that. Happy holiday
  2. Hi everyone My husband applied for RP on the 4th. of August, he did not get any message for an interview yet. He called 157 and had been told it takes up to 60 days to get such a message, if that is true, then he will get a problem because he has only 37 days left from his 90 days in Turkey. He got a document shows that he had applied online for RP. Now our worries if he did not get an appointment within these 37 days, what will happen? Should he leave the country and come back for the appointment? will he get a fin if he stay over these 37 days? All replies are very appreciated.
  3. Short updating regarding my RP application. On the 26th of July I got my Resident card, I applied on the 16 of May 2019 , went to the interview on the 11th. June and got my card on the 26th. of July. I applied in Istanbul and got 2 years residency (first time application). I would like to thank all the kind members who helped and guided me through my applications time. All the best to all of you. Fada
  4. Thank you REDDERS, No I am not a Turkish citizen, at the same time I just got my RP, so I will follow your advice not let my husband to apply for a family RP.
  5. Thank you IbrahimAbi, My husband do not need a health insurance because he is over 65. So he will submit the application today to save the time. I would like to ask kindly about your opinion. what do you think is better to apply for a touristic RP or a family RP, because I already have a RP after I own a property. Thanks again and hope to hear from you.
  6. Hi Everyone, I need urgent help before I leave to Turkey on the day after tomorrow. Can my husband submit an online application for RP from Sweden? Best Regards
  7. Thank you very much REDDERS for your reply, now it is clear for me how the things are going in Istanbul. I will follow your advice, and go to the immigration office after receiving their message. All the best Fada
  8. Hi Ken, I made the interview for first time RP in June, at the end of my interview I asked the officer to give me the kimlik numarası , she told me that she could not give it me before I get my RP approved, is this right? kind regards FADA
  9. Thank you REDDERS, When I will have the temporary residence paper? I heard that I should have it at the end of my appointment, which I did not!!
  10. Thank you ken. At the end of my interview I got only the attachment: is this the temporary RP?
  11. Hi I am confused about processing time for PR first time apply. It is stated that, the maximum processing time is 90 days. I applied for PR first time on the 16th. May 2019. Made the interview on 11th. of June 2019. I did not receive any answer yet, every time I check my application result showing me: Kayıt durumunuz : It is under Assessment I do not know when the processing time begin? Is it from applications date? or from interviews date? Any help will be appreciated.
  12. Yes I did. it was on the 11th. of June, that is why I was concerned, because it was for me not like a real interview, but a meeting to check all the required docs are there. Now with your help I understand the situation better, thanks Ken. By the way, do you have any idea why the line 157 does not work? I can not come through , an automatic answering machine say something in Turkish which I did not understand.
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