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  1. Hello everone, I had my first short term RP which I could not renewal it, because of my absence abroad during corona time. Now I applied for a new short term RP and paid the RP fee plus fee for the card. At my interview the officer had asked me to pay more 700 tl as fee for a visa. this fee I had paid already during my all first application for 2 years ago. Any one could tell me if the officer claim was right?
  2. Unfortunately because of the vaccination matter me and my husband had been a way from Turkey for several month, and that is why I was unable to renew my STRP (Short Time Residence Permit). Now I am back in Istanbul and would like to apply for a new STRP, I have 90 days visa to stay in Turkey, my concerns are: - When is the latest day to send my application? - If I apply now, can I leave turkey and come back during these 90 days without any problems? - Any one has an idea about processing time for STRP in Istanbul now days?
  3. congratulation Ken, yes it is true what you are mentioned, as a new virus with its mutations and less knowledge about it, makes the situation more uncertain, but the good side of the case that our doctors , scientists and researchers are working hard to solve the issues (hopefully not longtime), so until then we have to follow the restrictions.
  4. Congratulation PeteJF, you have very right the efficiency of the vaccine is not only the percentage of preventing to have the virus again, but also the percentage of not to be a sever sick and to be hospitalized, so if your vaccine has 100% not to get a serious sick, that means great.
  5. Today I got message from the immigration office. They invited me for an interview on the 28th. of April. I had to cancel my renewal application because I am out of Turkey and can not come back to the pointed interview. I don't know what will happen , my RP will expire on the 15th of May 2021 and I am not sure that I will be back before the 15th of May. I am holding a Swedish passport, so it will not be a problem to return back after the 15th. of May. Can I apply for renewal when I am back in Istanbul or I should apply as a first time applying.
  6. Thank you Ken for your information, it sounds reasonable especially at nowadays. I will let you know how it will be. thanks for your wishes.
  7. Hi THY Congratulations it is very quick process. Have you been to an interview after applying in the system or you just sent the required documents by post?
  8. I have to renew my short term RP in Istanbul, I am wondering if they start again with making an appointment for interview to present the documents? Last time (May 2020) I sent the documents by post.
  9. Thank you Ken, nice to hear that you got an appointment for vaccination, good luck. I will try again.
  10. Thank you , unfortunately we have not registered with e-nabiz yet, my husband had tried this afternoon and he could not, but we will try again.
  11. Thank you Goreme1990, I do not have a health insurance except the one I used for my RP, which almost worth nothing, and my husband is over 65 also he do not have a health insurance. Do you think we have right to be vaccinated in Turkey? do you know any private clinic or hospital who can offer the vaccination against payment? Thank you in advance
  12. Hello I am wondering if any one know about the possibility of getting a covid19 vaccination for the foreigner who has a short-term residence permit? If there any private hospital which offer a vaccination for a foreigner with residence permit? I appreciate very much your help.
  13. Thank you kayanderson, it seems to be Güzeloba is a famous area in Antalya for foreigners, I noticed also that the prices are higher than other areas, but how is the resale in this area, is it easy? are the Turkish people are interested to buy in it? Wish you a pleasant weekend.
  14. Thank you Ken for valuable information, it will be a good start point for searching a property in Antalya.
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