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  1. Mr. IbrahimAbi, Thank you for your reply , developer mean construction company. Usually I get a good advices from you Mr. IbrahimAbi, but this time I did not like your reply at all, because: - I am in a trouble and I need some useful advices and not a lessons. - Secondly I did not judge the country, I said I will leave the country if it was true what I heard from my friends, and that is very different. I am still waiting for some advices hopefully from others.
  2. Hi everyone I still can not believe what is happened to us, we had a water leakage in our very new apartment, spoke to the developer , he was willing to fix it , we were very surprised by his way, because we know he is not a good helper, anyway we trust his attitude. He sent a plumber to inspect the problem, and the developer decided to fix it on his cost. the plumber came made more damages , broke the ceramic in the bathroom , then he left and refuse to come back , talked to the developer again and he show us his real face and his usual rudeness, the developer refuse to continue fixing.
  3. I just got my Ziraat bank credit card, I used it twice last 2 weeks for a small amount at the supermarkets. I checked my account almost 10 days after purchase time and no money has been withdrawn from my account. I wonder: when they will deduct the amounts from my account? and will there be any interest, which I have to pay for this period from time of purchase til withdrawn time?
  4. You have right Ken, the speaker option will be safer. Thanks
  5. Many thanks IbrahimAbi, You have right, it will be wise we come by SGK office and ask them. But our problem that we do not speak Turkish.
  6. Thank you IbrahimAbi, I heard if one of the spouse is over 65 year old, then they should have 2 SGK insurances!!, is that right? BR Fada
  7. I am thinking to have a good health insurance, which we as a family can use, when we are sick. I am 60 years old and my husband is 66 years and both have a short term residence. I read about SGK insurance, but I am not sure if it is a good health insurance or maybe there is a better one with an reasonable price and coverage? Any advice or experience will be appreciated.
  8. Please I need your knowledge and advice about Corona and its covering by health Insurance covering. I have only Health insurance which I used for RP, I could not have one from SGK because I have not been one year in Turkey yet. my husband have no health Insurance because he is over 65 year. Both have Swedish health insurance , which unfortunately is not valid here in Turkey. I do not know how it will go if one of us will be infected with Corona virus and need to be hospitalized? Is the Turkish system will allowed us to be treated in the public health system as it is a pand
  9. Thank you Ken. Just to be sure , can I send the document to DGMM by post/email or I have to meet at the DGMM personally? BR Fada
  10. I have valid RP based on my current address, next week we are going to move to a new address is about 1 km from our current address. Should I inform the DGMM about that or just to change the address in Nüfus?
  11. Hi Eglegal, (In the absence of a cost breakdown you are not aware of how much VAT you have actually paid to the contractor.) - Indeed I bought the apartment directly from a contractor, and I have an invoice which shows how much VAT in that invoice , it was 1% and also written how much in TL. But where I should start to reclaim the VAT? What I need to show the authorities beside the invoice? And is the process easy or I should get some help, especially I do not speak Turkish yet? BR
  12. Hi everyone, Please I need a serious advice regarding the tax I should pay after purchasing a property in Istanbul. I got a website to see if I should pay tax, but when I login , always says there is no tax to be paid!!! I bought an apartment in Istanbul on the 03. October 2018, I bank transfer the money from outside to buy this property. 1- Recently I read that a foreigner could get back the 18% VAT for the first property !! Is it true and if so how I get it back? 2- I know I should pay some tax to the Turkish authority after buying my apartment (I have been to beled
  13. Hi Ken, I just want to tell you that my husband got a message today says: Kayıt durumunuz : It has been delivered to PTT At the same time he got another message from PTT , written a barcode no. Do you think he got his card sent by post?
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