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  1. Thank you Ken. Just to be sure , can I send the document to DGMM by post/email or I have to meet at the DGMM personally? BR Fada
  2. Hi I have valid RP based on my current address, next week we are going to move to a new address is about 1 km from our current address. Should I inform the DGMM about that or just to change the address in Nüfus? Best regards Fada
  3. Hi Eglegal, (In the absence of a cost breakdown you are not aware of how much VAT you have actually paid to the contractor.) - Indeed I bought the apartment directly from a contractor, and I have an invoice which shows how much VAT in that invoice , it was 1% and also written how much in TL. But where I should start to reclaim the VAT? What I need to show the authorities beside the invoice? And is the process easy or I should get some help, especially I do not speak Turkish yet? BR
  4. Hi everyone, Please I need a serious advice regarding the tax I should pay after purchasing a property in Istanbul. I got a website to see if I should pay tax, but when I login , always says there is no tax to be paid!!! I bought an apartment in Istanbul on the 03. October 2018, I bank transfer the money from outside to buy this property. 1- Recently I read that a foreigner could get back the 18% VAT for the first property !! Is it true and if so how I get it back? 2- I know I should pay some tax to the Turkish authority after buying my apartment (I have been to belediye but they could not understand me): - How I know correct how much I should pay? - I bought the apartment on 03.10.2018 from building company which is build it on 2017, How I can be sure that the building company has paid all the taxes regarding my apartment till the purchasing date which is 03.10.2018? I appreciate very much your quick answer.
  5. Hi Ken, I just want to tell you that my husband got a message today says: Kayıt durumunuz : It has been delivered to PTT At the same time he got another message from PTT , written a barcode no. Do you think he got his card sent by post?
  6. Thanks a lot Ken, He will be at DGMM office and ask kindly to get RP App. Doc. before we travel. Thank you Ken for your professionalism and your kindness. Wish you all the best. Fada
  7. Hi Ken, My husband got a message today says: What actually means?
  8. Thank you very much Ken, He did not get the message yet (now it is almost 4 working dys), but he will wait till next Monday and if he does not get the sms by that day, then he will go to the same office hopefully to the same officer.
  9. Thank you REDDERS, As my husband is a Danish he should not pay a RP tax , he paid only 89 tl for the card (he has a copy for card payment), but he has been also asked to pay some ekstra tax at the interview time (which we do mot know what for), for this payment he gave the receipt to the officer without making a copy of it, it was paid to a tax office. Do you think they will ask about a copy of this payment?
  10. Hi everyone Please I need your advice regarding a letter from DGMM. My husband was to the first time RP interview last Wednesday , he asked during the interview for a letter to travel outside for 15 days. the officer told him he can not get immediately , he will receive a sms during 2 working day to come again and get the letter. unfortunately he got nothing yet. we are planning to leave on the 4th. October. he already used his 90 days visa. if he does not get such a letter and leave on the 4th. of October, Is he going to pay a fine for the exceeding days? Can he get this letter from ANY DGMM office in Istanbul without this sms? I appreciate any quick respons.
  11. Hi everyone, I would like to know if the 90 days rule is depending on the person or on the passport, means if someone has 2 passports, can he/she stay in the country 180 days by using 2 passports or not?
  12. Thank you IbrahimAbi, I will do the same.
  13. Thank you IbrahimAbi, it helps a lot. Should I pay it now or I have to wait till the end of the first purchasing year?
  14. Hello Everyone, I am a property owner since October 2018,, I have a couple question would like to be answered to avoid any violation of the Turkish law. 1- I know I should pay a tax because I own a property in Istanbul: - where and when I should pay tax ( I bought the apartment last October ), is there only one type of tax or there is a several types should be paid? - Is the authority going to send me a bill to be paid or I should ask in order to get the bill? 2- Where I should pay the Earthquake insurance and when? Thanks and I appreciate all the replies.
  15. Thank you ken , good to hear that. Happy holiday
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