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  1. Thank you Ken for your information, it sounds reasonable especially at nowadays. I will let you know how it will be. thanks for your wishes.
  2. Hi THY Congratulations it is very quick process. Have you been to an interview after applying in the system or you just sent the required documents by post?
  3. I have to renew my short term RP in Istanbul, I am wondering if they start again with making an appointment for interview to present the documents? Last time (May 2020) I sent the documents by post.
  4. Thank you Ken, nice to hear that you got an appointment for vaccination, good luck. I will try again.
  5. Thank you , unfortunately we have not registered with e-nabiz yet, my husband had tried this afternoon and he could not, but we will try again.
  6. Thank you Goreme1990, I do not have a health insurance except the one I used for my RP, which almost worth nothing, and my husband is over 65 also he do not have a health insurance. Do you think we have right to be vaccinated in Turkey? do you know any private clinic or hospital who can offer the vaccination against payment? Thank you in advance
  7. Hello I am wondering if any one know about the possibility of getting a covid19 vaccination for the foreigner who has a short-term residence permit? If there any private hospital which offer a vaccination for a foreigner with residence permit? I appreciate very much your help.
  8. Thank you kayanderson, it seems to be Güzeloba is a famous area in Antalya for foreigners, I noticed also that the prices are higher than other areas, but how is the resale in this area, is it easy? are the Turkish people are interested to buy in it? Wish you a pleasant weekend.
  9. Thank you Ken for valuable information, it will be a good start point for searching a property in Antalya.
  10. My husband and I are thinking to buy a property (apartment) in Antalya. My questions are: Which is the best area (luxury and desired and easy to resale) in Antalya? Is it save if we live in it only during winter season? What about the new prices, are they raised creasy as it is in Istanbul? I mean how is the increasing percentage since last December 2019?
  11. Hi Ken, The pleasure is mine, you and others were a great help every time I need it. Here the answers: When you left, was your residence permit expired, or did you still have time left on it? My Residence Permit was totally expired when I left Istanbul. I'm assuming that you successfully applied online and had mailed in your application package when you left Turkey, is that correct? Yes I had applied for renewal successfully online and I had mailed all the required documents in good time before I left Turkey. Also I took with me the first page
  12. Thank you Ken, Now I am again in lovely Istanbul and waiting for my renewal application´s result. Here is a quick update: With the letter from [email protected] I had no problem to leave and enter Turkey again for 10 days , there was some officer at the passport control did not understand the letter in the beginning but when they get help either from the immigration office at the airport or from their colleagues at the passport control desk, they make it very smooth. It means this letter will help you to avoid any penalty or fine both when you leav
  13. you have right Ken, exactly I have been told today at the immigration office in Maltepe/Istanbul. I can leave without any problem, but it might be to pay fine. As I am holding a Danish passport I usually get a 90 days visa at the airport, so I do not need to obtain an e-visa. Thank you Ken, you always kind and helpful.
  14. Unfortunately no reply yet, I am planning to visit nearest immigration office and talk with them, otherwise I had to leave without this letter. I do not know the consequences of that, but I have to do it and hope the officer at passport control desk will understand my situation.
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