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  1. Thanks again ken, Reason to apply early, because in August we will have only 4 days left from our 90 days stay in Turkey and if the applying e-system does not work then we will have a problem for applying. I read your article also before, but still I am confuse from when I should calculate back. If I calculate back from 8 May (arrival day) then we have no right even to stay in Turkey til the 8th. of July (leaving day), because we had 2 trips before, one in Dec. 2018 (27.11.2018 til 18.12.2018, means 22 days) and the other in March 2019 (08.03.2019 til 01.04.2019, means 25 days), but if we calculate back from the 8 July (departure day) then we will still have 4 days left from our 90 days, because we do not have to calculate back the trip in 2018.
  2. Hi Ken Thank you for a good and professional service, I appreciate it very much. Another question I have, now my husband decide to apply for RP on the 1. July (Monday), he ill be 65 years old. We will be in Istanbul on the 8th. May, and back home on the 8th July for about 4 weeks. We will prepare all the required docs (as we know) before the first of July. My concern is about: Do you think 6-7 days enough to complete RP applying? Or maybe better to apply for RP after we come back to Turkey at the beginning of August (then we will be free to stay in Turkey as long as it takes)? Does the counting back of the 90 days begin from the 8th. of July? TIA FADA
  3. Hello everyone, Please I need some help regarding my husband health insurance, on the 2. July he will be 65 years old, and I read that people over 65 years old, does not need a health insurance for RP. Does he need an insurance if he apply for RP during May 2019? Or he should wait til the 2.July, then he apply for RP? If he does not need health insurance for RP, what he will write in insurance-fields on RP-application? Another issue which I need help too, I read that Danish Nationality are exempted from RP fee, is that true? I am Swedish. Am I also exempted from RP fee too? I appreciate your answer.
  4. Hi everyone I hope someone could help me with an issue regarding short term RP. I bought a flat in Istanbul and would like to apply for RP for me and my husband, but we have to leave Turkey for more than 15 days, we have only 42 days left from our 90 days visa. Can we do it without affecting our RP application? The title deed is in my name, can my husband use it as his living place (Address) too? Thank you in advance. FADA
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