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  1. Hello Everyone, my name is Ahmed, I am living in Manchester, UK on a Travel Document with leave to remain visa in London. well, my fiancee lives in Pakistan and we want to get married in Turkey this summer. So, basically I know some basic things like 1) Passport 2) photos 3) birth certificates 4) free to marry status and so basic. I would be really grateful if anyone could answer me these questions I am really confuse and can't find answers on Internet; 1 - Is it necessary that we have to translate documents into Turkish in turkey? or I can do translations in UK and my fiance from Pakistan (Turkish embassy) ? and then we can stamp from Ministry of foreign affairs in Turkey? 2 - Do I need an appointment for Ministry attestations? 3 - and then for a Marriage office, Again should I book an appointment before travelling to Turkey? Or Just in case, if there's delay in my documentation anywhere, can I get appointment earliest possible in Marriage Office? 4 - I read somewhere that If both bride and groom are foreigners, then no need of any medical tests. Is this true? 5 - And last question, I would like to ask that: for example If we make appointment before travelling to turkey in marriage office and translate our documents before travelling, then how many days we will normally stay there ? Or If not, then normally how long does it takes to get everything done including wedding day... I have read somewhere it should be no more than a week and you can do everything from translation to get married in a week. But still because I have never been to turkey, I am feeling like it will take more than that. can you please explain. thank you so much! Also, If anyone could share any address of offices or guide. I would really appreciate that. Thank you so much in advance. Regards, Ahmed
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