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  1. No, they didn't and I totally forgot about it, but I wasn't expecting to get any money back
  2. I didn't get the actual residence card yet, but I went today to the Immigration Department and asked for my Foreign ID number (kimlik). They printed out a temp residence document showing all the details, the whole thing took 5 min. So really, once you get the email, you don't need to wait for the residence card. As for duration, I had originally asked for something close to 18 months starting 1 April, but I got a bit less than one year with slightly different dates (28 March to 12 March 2020). Just to recap, this is the entire timeline of my process so far: 1) I submitted my application on 1 April and set starting date 1 April 2019 2) My appointment was set for 16 April 3) I got the approval by email on 2 May Now, I'm already thinking about next year's extension and how I can guarantee getting a year or more in Istanbul, or whether I should move to another city like Antalya to improve my chances or even buy a small apartment... It's never too early to worry Anyway... Best of Luck Fada!
  3. Our interview was on the 16th, I got the email on 2 May - but my online status is still saying under assessment. I think I better call 157 to check. I called 157, I was told the online status will change to "check with PTT" or some similar message, once the residence card has been printed and sent
  4. Hi again, Good news (just not sure how good they are): We just received emails saying that our applications have been evaluated positively, so I think now I should be on the lookout for a PTT email or message. I really want to start celebrating but I'm still not sure if the positive evaluation automatically means we will get the duration we asked for -- Does it? Or do we just wait and see what the residence card says?
  5. Ok, quick update: We had our appointments in Besiktas. The person in charge only took photos, the health insurance, copies of our passports' first page and entry stamp page, a notarized rental contract, fees receipt, and the residence application. My husband was also asked to provide a copy of his e-visa, which thankfully he happened to be carrying with him. And then we were asked to go to a nearby tax office and pay some additional fees (about 587 TL each). I had already paid the fees listed on the residence application so I'm not sure what where the additional fees about but we got that sorted out and went back with our receipts. Then another officer added the receipt to our files and gave each one of us a "Teblig Tebellug Belgesi" form in Turkish that we also signed. And that's about it! The entire process was very quick. No one asked for any of the additional documents we had, like proof of income or marriage certificate...etc. I am not sure what to expect now, I'm assuming we'll get an email or sms soon asking for more documents?
  6. Thanks. I did get an appointment email on that same day I posted my question. The appointment is set for 16 April - I'll keep you posted
  7. Hi everyone, Has anyone recently applied for a residence permit in Istanbul? I applied two days ago and the system didn't provide me with any date options. I called 157 and they told me there aren't appointments available now and all I can do is wait for an email or check the website regularly to see if the appointment option appears (right now it's greyed out). Is that normal? Any idea how long it can take before I receive an appointment date? I am Lebanese and my husband is American, we have remote jobs and are financially stable and we're paying a lot on rent so I can't think of a reason why our applications would be rejected. I applied for 20 months residence just because I purchased 2 year health insurance and my passport expires in June 2021, so I thought why not? I hope I made the right call, I just read in another topic thread that they're only giving 6 months to Middle Easterners.
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