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  1. Yes, I should have given an update here a while ago. I did finally open an account at Yapi Kredi but only on the basis of having my salary transferred here from the US, which is something I wanted to avoid doing the first time becos I was worried about income tax liability. However, after capital controls were imposed back home, I had no other option but to transfer my salary. I'm assuming Turkish govt knew that Lebanese banks were on the verge of collapse and rejected me on that basis, and can't blame them.
  2. To renew Touristic Residence Permit 1 term more before new regulation starts, your extension Touristic Residence Permit application must be made in the online system before 31 Dec 2019, with appointment date booked after 01 Jan 2020 will be accepted. I saw this posted online, and it made me think: Is it possible to apply for renewal several months before one's residence permit expires? Update: Answer is no. Can't apply for extension too early. It's gotta be within last 60 days of first permit duration.
  3. Hi, I have a quick question. My residence expires in April but i just renewed my passport. Am I supposed to notify immigration authorities or update my info on e-devlet, or do I wait until I apply to renew residence and then show both old and new passport?
  4. Yes, hence the quotation marks. I also just called 157 to ask about my status as Lebanese citizen, in the off chance Lebanon was spared, but no such luck.
  5. Recent posts on FB confirm it, but apparently it doesn't apply to all nationalities: "one operator on the 157 helpline stated to a caller that this ''should not'' apply to those applying with passports issued in the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Norway, Chile, New Zealand, China and Russia . [It is to be assumed that after Brexit the UK would be added to the above list.]"
  6. Dona Timani


    Nice small town on the Black Sea, very close to Safranbolu
  7. An acquaintance of mine is a Lebanese national who has a Turkish residence permit but lives and works in the UAE. He recently opened a bank account at Turkiye Is Bankasi, but then any transfer he makes is from his Emirati bank account. I also know that Lebanese or other nationals who legally work here won't have any issue, so it's not strictly about nationality. As for not telling the banks that i want to make transfers, that's not easy to do. Some banks specifically asked how I plan to use it, and I'd have no use of a bank account here if I can't transfer from my bank account in Lebanon. I was also advised to try Odea Bank, which is a Lebanese bank network (Bank Audi), but I got too lazy since that time. I'll try next week and update you.
  8. Hello! It turns out Turkish banks/Turkish government won't open bank accounts for Lebanese, Ukrainian, Georgian, or Iranian nationals. I assume the list of banned nationalities is longer, but these are the countries I remember. I tried with 4 different banks, Yapi Kredi, Garanti, Ziraat and HSBC, and I made sure to tell them I'm planning to make regular transfers and actively use the Turkish account, not just transfer/withdraw and disappear, and I offered whatever guarantees they may need. The first three just rejected me on the grounds of nationality, one bank checked with "a government department" first, and then told me I've been rejected by the govt. HSBC staff were more lenient at first, but they eventually still rejected me, especially when they found out that I plan to make regular transfers from my Lebanese account (which is in USD) to the Turkish account. Also, no one could give me the exact reason, at least to satisfy my curiosity -- Is it because of the US sanctions on Iran, other sanctions, some blacklist related to money laundering.. etc.? I even called the Lebanese embassy and my local bank and they assured me there are no international restrictions on Lebanon they know of. I think there is a workaround -- like asking the US company I work for to transfer my salary directly from US to a Turkish bank, but I'm not comfortable with that just yet. Another solution that one bank suggested: If my husband, a US citizen, opens a bank account, then I can freely transfer money from Lebanon to his account. (so the issue is not the money transfer from Lebanon anymore??) I'm now trying to see about Transfer Wise, but from what I read on their website, they don't offer TW debit card for use in Turkey just yet. Eventually it's not a big deal - I can survive without a Turkish account, but it's just very inconvenient, ATM machines charge me a lot every time I withdraw money and some local websites only accept local debit/credit cards to make online purchases.
  9. No, they didn't and I totally forgot about it, but I wasn't expecting to get any money back
  10. I didn't get the actual residence card yet, but I went today to the Immigration Department and asked for my Foreign ID number (kimlik). They printed out a temp residence document showing all the details, the whole thing took 5 min. So really, once you get the email, you don't need to wait for the residence card. As for duration, I had originally asked for something close to 18 months starting 1 April, but I got a bit less than one year with slightly different dates (28 March to 12 March 2020). Just to recap, this is the entire timeline of my process so far: 1) I submitted my application on 1 April and set starting date 1 April 2019 2) My appointment was set for 16 April 3) I got the approval by email on 2 May Now, I'm already thinking about next year's extension and how I can guarantee getting a year or more in Istanbul, or whether I should move to another city like Antalya to improve my chances or even buy a small apartment... It's never too early to worry Anyway... Best of Luck Fada!
  11. Our interview was on the 16th, I got the email on 2 May - but my online status is still saying under assessment. I think I better call 157 to check. I called 157, I was told the online status will change to "check with PTT" or some similar message, once the residence card has been printed and sent
  12. Hi again, Good news (just not sure how good they are): We just received emails saying that our applications have been evaluated positively, so I think now I should be on the lookout for a PTT email or message. I really want to start celebrating but I'm still not sure if the positive evaluation automatically means we will get the duration we asked for -- Does it? Or do we just wait and see what the residence card says?
  13. Ok, quick update: We had our appointments in Besiktas. The person in charge only took photos, the health insurance, copies of our passports' first page and entry stamp page, a notarized rental contract, fees receipt, and the residence application. My husband was also asked to provide a copy of his e-visa, which thankfully he happened to be carrying with him. And then we were asked to go to a nearby tax office and pay some additional fees (about 587 TL each). I had already paid the fees listed on the residence application so I'm not sure what where the additional fees about but we got that sorted out and went back with our receipts. Then another officer added the receipt to our files and gave each one of us a "Teblig Tebellug Belgesi" form in Turkish that we also signed. And that's about it! The entire process was very quick. No one asked for any of the additional documents we had, like proof of income or marriage certificate...etc. I am not sure what to expect now, I'm assuming we'll get an email or sms soon asking for more documents?
  14. Thanks. I did get an appointment email on that same day I posted my question. The appointment is set for 16 April - I'll keep you posted
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