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  1. We had a similar issue. In brief: Not only the property has to be residential, the applicant has to be actually living in that property in order to apply for residence based on property ownership. We very recently bought a small and cheap studio apartment just so we can finally apply for 2 years and this was after spending months unable to find a nice place that we'd wanna live in. We thought we did everything properly and even hired consultants who saw no issue in us buying an apartment that has tenants, one lawyer even assured me I could buy commercial property (he was wrong). I also called 157 several times to learn about our options. 157 made it clear early on that commercial property wouldn't be an option, but whoever answered me the first time told me I can opt for a residential property that has tenants as long as I state in the application the address where I'm currently living. That made sense so we went for it, but it turned out to be wrong information, so now we own an apartment but we're back to the only option of renewing for one year based on touristic purposes.
  2. Thanks Ken, you've lived in so many places in Turkey, your insight is always very informative. I think I'll go visit Kusadasi and the surrounding region next week before our October move. I am aware that the town proper is a concrete jungle, but I think it's balanced by nice beaches and some nice green areas. Kas seems absolutely wonderful and I also considered it as a potential destination, but property prices are high and the same goes for Turunc and Icemeler. I do have a question about Antalya, are there neighborhoods that are not necessarily near the beach but have a different and nicer vibe? When we first we moved to Turkey, I was almost certain that we'd end up in Antalya, but besides the old town and the lovely mountain scenery, the city looked the same everywhere else and that surprised me, I expected a bit more variety in terms of urban landscape.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm looking for advice as usual. We're a couple in our early 40s, we work online, we don't have a car, we still don't know Turkish, we have a cat, and we're ready to leave Istanbul. We're hoping to find a nice and affordable town on the west coast to settle in and buy property. I've read almost every post and advice posted here and elsewhere on where to move and I've researched every town or village that's been suggested. So after much research (mostly online for now), I think we found that Kusadasi ticks most boxes so we're going to move there in October, rent a place for a couple of months, and look for property. What we like about it is that it's not too small or remote, it's not empty during the winter season, there's an expat community, the ladies beach area seems to have nice streets with trees, which is quite important for us, and, most importantly, the prices of apartments and even houses or semidetached homes are within our range. I am a bit worried about the earthquake risk there, it seems to be even worse than in Istanbul, and we're not sure if these houses or semi-detached homes we've found are built according to regulations and well insulated or if they're built on the cheap as summer homes. We also have concerns about general infrastructure in that part of Turkey (electricity, reliable internet connection.. etc.). We have a colleague who lives in the greater Izmir region and he constantly complains about power outages. Obviously, we'll have a better sense when we relocate, and if we don't like Kusadasi, we'll have to start looking elsewhere -- but where exactly? I realize Fethiye seems to be a very popular choice and we will eventually visit it, but so far every place I've seen on Sahibinden that was affordable seemed to be located on a wide and empty street with no sign of trees and just residential property on either side. These streets looked isolating, lonely, and quite ugly. Perhaps Didim could be an alternative option. Anyway, I'm curious to hear you impressions of these three places or other areas I've not considered, maybe some of you have developed a fresh perspective after these months under lockdown. Is there anyone for example who really dislikes Kusadasi? If so, why?
  4. Yes, that's what we did last year as well, but since we have to mail the application this time, we had to pay first and add the receipt to the documents. I went to the Bostanci vergi dairesi and paid there, it was easier than I imagined, and we didn't have to wait in a long queue or anything.
  5. Unfortunately, the option to pay from the application website has been greyed out for a while now. 157 said I can pay online on the tax department portal and even get a digital receipt, but it's really not obvious where to pay for the residence application, I'm using google translate to navigate the website, and I've tried all possible ways but none accept the application number as valid entry. I also used the second link I shared which seems to be part of an older version of the tax department website, it wants a 15-digit number, so I've been adding 00 to make it 15 and it still gives me error message or document not found. Obviously, I prefer to pay online to avoid unnecessary exposure and back and forth trips. I've already tried to go to all three banks (Ziraat, Vakif, and Halk) but just like last year, they don't have the codes on their system (only Vakif had the code for the ID card fee). Of course, when I went to the local tax department, their first answer was to go the banks, but after some explaining, they told me to go to the tax department in Bostanci. I'm going there today as a last resort and hope they wont send me to yet another place. It's just annoying to know there's a way to pay online and I haven't found it. it kinda defeats the purpose of switching to mail system.
  6. Has anyone tried to pay for their residence renewal application online? 157 told me to use the Interaktif vergi dairesi website (https://ivd.gib.gov.tr/), but it's not clear how to use it, and every possible payment option I tried didn't work. I also tried the link below, but it won't recognize the application number (i tried to add zeros to make it a 15 digit number, but it also didn't work) https://intvrg.gib.gov.tr/gocborc.jsp?x=23&y=31&fbclid=IwAR1-JJWIe5nTk_0NwhXQZJL3U2rUpbzxk2KLYWNBk0SC6hRMz_2M_IHWqiM
  7. Yes definitely, I've been operating under this assumption even before the first case was announced and the fact that I work from home has been a blessing. I just wish we had more information available. On the other hand, we have our interview for residence renewal next month, and because we applied back in February, our appointment was not postponed. I'm not too happy about the prospect of being around too many people and I can imagine the employees who have to interview dozens of applicants each day are not happy either.
  8. So we should assume we have community transmission of COVID-19 at this point? I was hoping the spike in numbers is the result of testing all the quarantined people who came back from performing umra in Saudi.
  9. The FBI request form he had to fill made no mention of apostille or authentication services (I've attached a copy q384893984839334.pdf). I don't know why we assumed it would be apostilled, we probably read many links and got confused between FBI seal and apostille. The record he got was two pages, first was the seal page (plain paper no signature) and the second was his record with an official's signature. Here's one link that includes a more detailed answer: https://www.edo.cjis.gov/#/faq 19. Does the FBI provide apostilles*? (*An apostille is a certification that a document has been "legalized" or "authenticated" by the issuing agency through a process in which various seals are placed on the document.) The FBI will authenticate all U. S. Department of Justice Order 556-73 fingerprint search results by placing the FBI seal and the signature of a division official on the results at the time of submission. Note: The FBI seal is no longer a raised seal. Documents authenticated by the FBI may then be sent to the U. S. Department of State by the requestor to obtain an apostille if necessary. Requests to authenticate previously processed results will not be accepted. Yes, you can have the document sent to another country, but we didn't want to deal with long delays using US postal service + PTT. It was faster and more secure to have it delivered to a US address and then have relatives send it via international courier services (but of course we should have sent it first to be apostilled!) There was also the option of making an electronic order and receiving a digital copy (you'd still have to mail the fingerprint form though). So a couple of days ago, I went to DHL and sent it back to an external service (US Authentication Services) to get it apostilled. If we had originally requested a digital copy, we could have emailed it to the company directly and saved some time and money.
  10. Hi everyone, My husband got his FBI record mailed last week. We printed out the form and FBI's fingerprints document, then he went to a local police station to have his fingerprints taken (Örnek Polis Karakolu). Then, he sent the application and fingerprints via UPS to the FBI CJIS division and used his parents' NY address as return address. The website warned that the process could take several weeks, but I think we got it back in less than 10 days, and it's apostilled.
  11. I think it's better to follow Ken's instructions and avoid any potential headache later on with residence renewal and online application. I went to the immigration office in Fatih and took both old and new passports. I was given a form to fill and had to make a copy of the new passport's first page + residence permit, then I was sent to the first floor. The entire process took less than five minutes.
  12. Yes, I should have given an update here a while ago. I did finally open an account at Yapi Kredi but only on the basis of having my salary transferred here from the US, which is something I wanted to avoid doing the first time becos I was worried about income tax liability. However, after capital controls were imposed back home, I had no other option but to transfer my salary. I'm assuming Turkish govt knew that Lebanese banks were on the verge of collapse and rejected me on that basis, and can't blame them.
  13. To renew Touristic Residence Permit 1 term more before new regulation starts, your extension Touristic Residence Permit application must be made in the online system before 31 Dec 2019, with appointment date booked after 01 Jan 2020 will be accepted. I saw this posted online, and it made me think: Is it possible to apply for renewal several months before one's residence permit expires? Update: Answer is no. Can't apply for extension too early. It's gotta be within last 60 days of first permit duration.
  14. Hi, I have a quick question. My residence expires in April but i just renewed my passport. Am I supposed to notify immigration authorities or update my info on e-devlet, or do I wait until I apply to renew residence and then show both old and new passport?
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