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  1. Thanks for posting this. But this is for foreigners who gain their citizenship by investment and not who gain citizenship from parents who are Turkish. There might be different rules and laws for people like me
  2. I have an update… I’m applying for my Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus citizenship via my Mum. I’m going to do it via the London representative office of the TRNC and will take 4-5 months as documents will be sent and dealt with in Lefkoşa. (North Nicosia) Also I read on the Asal Şube (TRNC Military website) That: Nationals of third countries (except the TRNC and the Republic of Turkey) who acquired the citizenship of the TRNC can be exempted from military service obligation upon payment of 2,000 British Pounds. So if I get paperwork that I ‘did’ my military service in the TRNC, I can be exempt from Military service in Turkey? (Once I get my Turkish Citizenship too) I’m sure that if I ‘did’ my military service in the TRNC I can be exempt from military service in TR, right @Ken Grubb?
  3. Hi Meral, Yes it if wasn't for Military Conscription i would of got my Turkish Citizenship a long time ago but because of the mandatory Military service, it's putting me off. But i will find a way. I told Ender abi above that there might be another way. Thanks,
  4. Slm Ender Abi, So what about the UK citizens who are 'English' and have no connection to a Turkish family, they will have to do 'Bedelli Askerlik'? I don't think so. I think they will call me because i have a Turkish Father. I don't want to do any sort of Military service but i guess i will have no choice... Maybe i should wait until I'm 41 to get my Turkish Citizenship. Unless there is another way? My Mother is KKTC'li and i can get my KKTC citizenship. Once i pay Bedelli Askerlik to KKTC then they said i won't have to do Military Service. Then i will apply for my TC citizenship, i will say i did 'Military Service' in KKTC and that will be accepted at TC. Thanks, Selim
  5. Hi Ken, I found something out recently that could be helpful in my case but i don't know? What do you think? The conditions of compulsory military services of Turkish Citizens have been regulated in Military Duty Law No.1111. According to 4th article of this law every male Turkish citizen between the age of 20 and 41 is obligated to do the military duty. However; there is an exemption for foreigners who acquired Turkish citizenship in 43rd article of this law. For those who acquired Turkish citizenship before the age of 21, should do their military duty as Turkish citizens of that age according to their age and education at the time of naturalization. If people who are citizens of other countries served their military service in where they are coming from and can prove that with the required documents they will be deemed to exempted. People who have obtained citizenship at the age of 22 years old - or older - are exempted from military service and their military service is suspended for two years from the date of naturalization, if they wish until the last year of their their postponements. People who have obtained citizenship at the age of 22 years old - or older - are exempted from military service. Source: https://www.hg.org/legal-articles/the-military-service-in-turkey-for-investors-and-their-families-who-obtain-turkish-citizenship-57173 So I'm 37 now so if i applied for Turkish Citizenship, i will be exempted from Military service. However, i will be applying for my Turkish citizenship through my Father but i read elsewhere because of that, i will still be called for military service? It's all very confusing as the law i quoted above says the latter. What do you think?
  6. Hi Ken, The Word Documents above don't seem to be working. Just to let you know.
  7. Hi Meral, Yes, I have Turkish TV via Satellite here in the UK and I've been watching it since i was young (nearly 30 years) and i always know what is going on. Plus during all of my life I've been coming to Istanbul to see family nearly every summer. Well i don't know why Germany, France, Netherlands and other countries have to be so mean/nasty towards Turkey and not be supportive for the to become a EU member. I know with France the 'Armenian Issue' is the main reason why France is not supporting EU membership for Turkey and this annoys me even though I'm Pro-EU. Plus Greece is playing games right now over Cyprus and that's another thing that is stopping progression for Turkey to join the EU. My mum is Turkish Cypriot and i support North Cyprus and it should be recognized all over the world. Yes, I'm aware of the disgrace in the education system, i just wished it would get better in Turkey. I remember during the millennium Turkey was doing very well economically and the Lira was strong and when AKP came into power things went downhill from there Yes i hope the Turkish people doesn't make the same mistake again, but i would like to see a progressive party in power like CHP but fake news is going around about them and other progressive parities and i feel it's ruining their chances to get elected just because AKP want to stay in power. It's really ridiculous! I want to come to Turkey in 2023 to celebrate 100 years of the forming of the Republic and i hope it will be good.
  8. Don't forget, you can watch many many Turkish TV channels for free in Turkey and all over Europe via satellite on Turksat 42ºE
  9. Hi Everyone, In the last few years, the Turkish lira has plummeted, the economy has plummeted and it doesn't seem to be going well for Turkey. The youngsters are saying the colleges and universities are terrible and not teaching the subjects they want and not getting the available courses to the qualifications they want. Plus they say Erdoğan made the country more authoritarian and opportunities seem almost non-existent. The smartest and well educated youngsters are leaving Turkey in droves (apparently) and going to study in countries like Germany, Holland, USA, Canada and other countries. When they finished their studies, many find jobs in the countries they studied in and never return to Turkey. In my opinion this is a disaster for Turkey, we need the well skilled and educated youngsters in Turkey to drive the economy. This is causing a Brain Drain and this is not doing the country any good. Who is going to do the top and well paid jobs in Turkey? Some say the 'top jobs' don't pay well enough in Turkey due to the situation of the Lira being a weak currency, hence more people leave! In turkey you have the religious, right wing supporters of Erdoğan and on the other side, the centre-left and left wing, liberal people in Turkey. It's the liberal, Atatürk people who feel they cannot contribute to turkey anymore. There is a fight ongoing between the two sides and in my view is tearing the country apart. Me however, i am one of the liberal 'Atatürk' people and i love Turkey very much. But i hate to see what is happening to Turkey right now and i don't want the youngsters to leave the country. Instead, more youngsters should pay more attention to the politics in Turkey and if they want the change they want, they should stay and fight for it! When the next presidential election comes along, they need to try to elect another president if they want progress, but they need to lobby and get ex-pats to vote in the countries they are living in and cast their vote in the ballot box provided by the Turkish Embassy. I really want to see one day Turkey becoming better economically, Lira strong, the young returning to the country. At the moment, Turkey is a candidate country in joining the EU and Erdoğan is an obstacle to that. I want Turkey to join the EU and when it does, Turkey will do much better! That's my take on it, i wonder what your opinions are?
  10. Ok Omer, well it's not a medical condition as such. So, maybe with my 'conditions' they won't excuse me
  11. Thank You for this Ken, nicely done But i want to ask @Eglegal Ender Bey If they call me into the military and i give them a reason of not being able to do it, say like mental health conditions like Autism and/or learning difficulties, will they accept those reasons to avoid doing military service?
  12. Hi Ken, So you are writing an article about citizenship? When will that be done? Will this include information about being called in the army and the options to pay it off so you don't have to do your service or do a minimum service? Many people ask these questions and there is little correct information about this. I'm assuming that once i get my citizenship they won't call me into the army right away? Also in Turkey they have little understanding about people who have autism and learning difficulties (that's me) because of that i feel i cannot do army service but you have to somehow prove or explain to them that i can't do my army service because of these reasons? What do you think about that? Anyway, thanks for the information you have given me. However i looked on the consulate site and it doesn't ask for a health report. Which i find strange because i think they did before! So i don't know if it is required anymore? Plus they ask for 2 birth certificates and 2 police reports apostilled and notarised/translated, i wonder why this is? that's double the cost! As for a Turkish sworn translator and/or notary in the UK, i found these guys and i think they said they work with the London consulate, so i guess i could use them? http://www.turkishtranslationlondon.co.uk/ I don't know when I'll be doing this but i will let you know any update on this topic! I'm looking forward to your reply! Selim
  13. Hi Ken, I'm not giving an update as such but i just find the process of getting Turkish Citizenship quite hard to understand They want my Birth Certificate translated into Turkish and Notarised and Apostilled by the UK government (how do i do that?) They want a report showing i have no Criminal Record and translated into Turkish and Notarised/Apostilled. (I have no idea on that too) They want a letter or certificate showing I'm in good health (translated and Notarised/Apostilled) where do i get that? and other things i can't remember right now I tried to look online on google or find YouTube video showing a Turk born in a foreign country and showing step by step how to do this. So far i have found nothing. I don't know if there is anyone on this forum who went through this process and share their experience with me. It would be very helpful!
  14. See the attached photo, it's on this website address. Dunno if true though. https://docmartinssurgeryforexpatsinturkeyblog.wordpress.com/2016/10/17/turkish-citizenship-how-to-apply/ Silly me, just i swear a few weeks ago i could not see this page (see second picture, consulate webiste) but now it's back.... I guess I'm wrong? Very confusing!! obviously the first website has made this up?
  15. Hi Guys, Apparently, The Turkish Government has taken away the option for people with Turkish descent (Mother or Father) to get Turkish citizenship. When looking on consulate websites (like London) the option to get Turkish citizenship through a parent is missing. Plus i read on a website earlier that Turkey will no longer give citizenship to people with Turkish Descent. If this is true, then this will devastate me as i want to get Turkish Citizenship sometime in the future. Apparently, people like me won't be able to get it via a Turkish Parent if i am a citizen of another country. Again, if true...it's absolutely ridiculous! Regards, Selim
  16. No, Please don't mis-understand me. I know you didn't say it to me but i know other Turks will say to me that i'm a coward if i mention i don't want to serve in the Turkish Army
  17. Hiya, Why i want it? I'm proud to be Turkish. That's why i want it. It will be useful to me. I have family and friends in Turkey and i do go every year. To be honest but I'm not Army material. I feel i am not suited to go in the army and yes i am scared from doing it but it does not make me a coward. I'm just not Army material! Also i have Asperger's so that might complicate things if i were go into the Army. Yeah it's a different process from when you do it in Turkey or when you are doing it in a consulate in a foreign country.
  18. Hi Ken! Nice to meet you Yeah, i did attempt to get Turkish Citizenship a few years ago but i put it on hold and all i got from my GP (Doctor) was a letter and i don't think that was enough. I think i need a proper Health Certificate from a private medical company. Yes I'm aware of the appointment system and i've used it before to help my Dad get appointments to go to the Turkish consulate in London Yes, i was told that when after foreigners get Turkish Citizenship, who are male, can pay off £6,000 for Bedelli Askeri so it pays it off and won't have to go into the army but get a letter saying it has been done or i have been exempted. (not sure which one). I will let you know when i will start all this. At this time i will only get my Turkish Citizenship when i have enough money to pay off the Bedelli Askeri.
  19. Hi everyone! My name is Selim and i am a British Born Turk, My father is Turkish and my Mother is Turkish Cypriot. For years now i want to get Turkish Citizenship via my father and i have looked into the process but it seems confusing and quite hard to do? I contacted the Turkish Consulate in London and they told me i need my birth certificate, my UK passport and a Medical Certificate (Letter from Doctor saying I'm in good health?) I don't think a letter is enough, do i need to get a proper Health Certificate from somewhere? My Birth Certificate, UK passport and other things have to be Translated, notarised and apostatised? Where on earth do i get my Documents translated and noterised?? I looked everywhere. I found on the gov.uk website i can easily get the documents apostatised but the translation of the documents and notarisation is the hard part. Plus, i know that if i get my Turkish Citizenship they may call me into the Army. It's something I'm not so keen on doing but i did look things up and if i paid (Bedeli Askeri) then i can pay off from not doing military service but it will show that it was done. It's £1,000's but i think it's worth it. Any advice or help, i would be greatly appreciated Selim
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