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  1. Hi Meral, Yes, I have Turkish TV via Satellite here in the UK and I've been watching it since i was young (nearly 30 years) and i always know what is going on. Plus during all of my life I've been coming to Istanbul to see family nearly every summer. Well i don't know why Germany, France, Netherlands and other countries have to be so mean/nasty towards Turkey and not be supportive for the to become a EU member. I know with France the 'Armenian Issue' is the main reason why France is not supporting EU membership for Turkey and this annoys me even though I'm Pro-EU. Plus Greece is
  2. Don't forget, you can watch many many Turkish TV channels for free in Turkey and all over Europe via satellite on Turksat 42ºE
  3. Hi Everyone, In the last few years, the Turkish lira has plummeted, the economy has plummeted and it doesn't seem to be going well for Turkey. The youngsters are saying the colleges and universities are terrible and not teaching the subjects they want and not getting the available courses to the qualifications they want. Plus they say Erdoğan made the country more authoritarian and opportunities seem almost non-existent. The smartest and well educated youngsters are leaving Turkey in droves (apparently) and going to study in countries like Germany, Holland, USA, Canada and
  4. Ok Omer, well it's not a medical condition as such. So, maybe with my 'conditions' they won't excuse me
  5. Thank You for this Ken, nicely done But i want to ask @Eglegal Ender Bey If they call me into the military and i give them a reason of not being able to do it, say like mental health conditions like Autism and/or learning difficulties, will they accept those reasons to avoid doing military service?
  6. Hi Ken, So you are writing an article about citizenship? When will that be done? Will this include information about being called in the army and the options to pay it off so you don't have to do your service or do a minimum service? Many people ask these questions and there is little correct information about this. I'm assuming that once i get my citizenship they won't call me into the army right away? Also in Turkey they have little understanding about people who have autism and learning difficulties (that's me) because of that i feel i cannot do army service but you have to someh
  7. Hi Ken, I'm not giving an update as such but i just find the process of getting Turkish Citizenship quite hard to understand They want my Birth Certificate translated into Turkish and Notarised and Apostilled by the UK government (how do i do that?) They want a report showing i have no Criminal Record and translated into Turkish and Notarised/Apostilled. (I have no idea on that too) They want a letter or certificate showing I'm in good health (translated and Notarised/Apostilled) where do i get that? and other things i can't remember right now I tried to look onli
  8. See the attached photo, it's on this website address. Dunno if true though. https://docmartinssurgeryforexpatsinturkeyblog.wordpress.com/2016/10/17/turkish-citizenship-how-to-apply/ Silly me, just i swear a few weeks ago i could not see this page (see second picture, consulate webiste) but now it's back.... I guess I'm wrong? Very confusing!! obviously the first website has made this up?
  9. Hi Guys, Apparently, The Turkish Government has taken away the option for people with Turkish descent (Mother or Father) to get Turkish citizenship. When looking on consulate websites (like London) the option to get Turkish citizenship through a parent is missing. Plus i read on a website earlier that Turkey will no longer give citizenship to people with Turkish Descent. If this is true, then this will devastate me as i want to get Turkish Citizenship sometime in the future. Apparently, people like me won't be able to get it via a Turkish Parent if i am a citizen of another c
  10. No, Please don't mis-understand me. I know you didn't say it to me but i know other Turks will say to me that i'm a coward if i mention i don't want to serve in the Turkish Army
  11. Hiya, Why i want it? I'm proud to be Turkish. That's why i want it. It will be useful to me. I have family and friends in Turkey and i do go every year. To be honest but I'm not Army material. I feel i am not suited to go in the army and yes i am scared from doing it but it does not make me a coward. I'm just not Army material! Also i have Asperger's so that might complicate things if i were go into the Army. Yeah it's a different process from when you do it in Turkey or when you are doing it in a consulate in a foreign country.
  12. Hi Ken! Nice to meet you Yeah, i did attempt to get Turkish Citizenship a few years ago but i put it on hold and all i got from my GP (Doctor) was a letter and i don't think that was enough. I think i need a proper Health Certificate from a private medical company. Yes I'm aware of the appointment system and i've used it before to help my Dad get appointments to go to the Turkish consulate in London Yes, i was told that when after foreigners get Turkish Citizenship, who are male, can pay off £6,000 for Bedelli Askeri so it pays it off and won't have to go into the army but get
  13. Hi everyone! My name is Selim and i am a British Born Turk, My father is Turkish and my Mother is Turkish Cypriot. For years now i want to get Turkish Citizenship via my father and i have looked into the process but it seems confusing and quite hard to do? I contacted the Turkish Consulate in London and they told me i need my birth certificate, my UK passport and a Medical Certificate (Letter from Doctor saying I'm in good health?) I don't think a letter is enough, do i need to get a proper Health Certificate from somewhere? My Birth Certificate, UK passport and other thin
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