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  1. Are you really from Turkmenistan??

  2. Very nice pic of you:)

  3. What time does noise have to stop here? Is it midnight now? Having suffered a year with the nightclub under my window, the noise of which thank goodness is now within acceptable limits, I've of course got Noisy Neighbours who moved in about the same time the nightclub noise died down! The night they moved in, it sounded as if heavy wardrobes were being hauled across the floor - from 12.30 midnight until the small hours! Now they usually come home about 11 pm or a bit later, as I'm trying to get to sleep so I have to routinely wear ear plugs or else just get woken up. The latest thing is this DIY banging....as is their usual patter they are quiet all day and then wake up at night like vampires:( The trouble is I can't find who it is. This building is a huge rabbit warren of different flats and echos like there's no tomorrow so you can never find out where the noise is coming from...
  4. From sh*tting on my window ledges. They usually do the same place and do very big piles of poo:( Like dogs don't tney smell the area and poo in the same place because of that? Any ideas to put them off? Should I now clean it with bleach?
  5. The You Tube ban is back again it seems. It may be a technical thing but i doubt it. Watch this space. Oops..rebooted my pc and now it does! Strange....
  6. Here's my rant; Turks for some reason don't like rolling their sleeves up and cleaning the house themselves. They'd rather employ a cleaner to do it. Ok..if there is a supply of cheap labour looking for work that's understandable I suppose. But their refusal to get their precious hands dirty even by carrying a very light rubbish bag to the nearby rubbish dumping place when they KNOW there are rats in the house really irks me. As does employing a cleaner to clean the stairs and windows in the stairwell (he never touches the windows and doesn't get rid of the dirt - just redistributes it) who is patently unsatisfactory. I messaged my neighbours that this is the last month I am paying for him and maybe we could clean each part of the stairwells and landings ourselves. As usual I never get a reply from most of them and the only one who replied said she wasn't going to do any cleaning herself as she was busy enough. I am also busy but I know there are a lot of problems with cleaners (the last house cleaner I had I caught putting my precious jar of marmite into her bag and she ruined my best sandals kneeling on the floor and rolling them into the dirt) and therefore prefer to clean the place myself. What are people's thoughts on this? Is it an Istanbul thing or are people like that all over the country?
  7. Ouch! So you did:)Wow Karen you really do have a good online experience. It does depend where you live though. I live Istanbul but have a dodgy phone line and my internet is slow so it just goes to show that just because you live in a city doesn't mean you get good internet or phone services.
  8. Very good and thorough answer from Cukur; I think this guy will change his mind about coming to Turkey if he wants a fast internet:)). Also he probably doesn't know about all the power cuts we get...ah, the season is starting soon:)Only you forgot to answer his last question which is yes he can get a pay as you go phone mobile from all the providersl
  9. Hi Steve, no they don't have that option or indeed any other option to speak english:( My friend has promised to ring them tomorrow before she gets busy at work so we'll see what they say. Another friend says why don't I get cable but we don't have cable where I live:(
  10. Ok Steve, thanks:) Meanwhile I rang D-smart but it is a recorded menu. Only in Turkish. Could someone. Tell me what numbers to press so get through to a live operator pls?
  11. Yes they really are crap. Sunny thanks for the number; Steve can you give me the dream box number? Today a friend of mine said her family has cable and that is dead cheap.
  12. Spoke to Digiturk and she said that she'd contact the tech people but agrees that if they can't help then I can cancel my membership. Sounds a bit defeatist to me. Another question now to Sunny or anyone else who can help: can you give me the names of any other satellite tv companies in Turkey and any links to them? Thanks! Sorry, one last message .... Would like to try to contact D-smart but can't find their link anywhere. Anyone got a link or a phone number? Also, isn't there one called Orio or something? Or is that just a satellite dish without a provider?
  13. Sunny, thanks for your input as I can't even look at the screen (I suffer from migraines and this picture brings it on) these days. I am not technical at all but are you maybe referring to a transmitter or something? Dunno. I can't get near the dish myself. It is on top of the building and the men have to climb up there (I'd be scared stiff) to get at it. Not much fun and maybe why they avoid doing it if possible! Nonetheless, it is the dish or transmitter or whatever (i.e. not the tv or anything in the house) that is causing the problem as before I had this new dish arrangement it was perfect. When I get back tomorrow evening I will ring Digiturk and talk to their English speaking helpline. If I can't get any joy I will have to terminate my contract with them and see if DSmart are any better. They can't be any worse since I've had lots of problems with the satellite signal etc and a Turkish friend of mine I remember saying that DSmart are better. I'd rather be without a telly than have a picture like this. I've tried to put up with it but I simply can't.
  14. KKW - yes, done that and no difference. Picture was perfect before the new dish. Sunny; thanks yes I will try to do that next week. I think best thing is to phone the English speaking helpline and vent there before I phone the tech people and bring them back and throw away money on a futile visit. By the way, I stayed in ALL weekend waiting for these guys and another whole day the second time. This would never have happened hadn't one Mr Psycho (landlord of the first floor) unplugged me from his dish which my vendor had shared with him for years without any hassle. *sigh* will just have to steel myself and make a fuss about it.
  15. About a month ago I had to have a new Digiturk satellite dish since the neighbour who let me share his changed his mind and unplugged my cable apparently. The Digiturk guys said no problem buy your own dish and so I paid them to install a new dish and the picture (especially the non-Turkish channels) is horrible. Out of focus and people have orange faces:( I called the guys back and they said I needed a new cable connecting the Digiturk box to my tv which I bought but it is just as bad so is clearly the dish. After we bought and plugged in the new cable I pointed out the lousy picture to the guys and they basically said 'what lousy picture?' admittedly it was near the end of their day but still..... What to do now??
  16. Yes! As soon as one problem is sorted another one crops up!
  17. Thanks Abi that thread was very interesting. What awful neighbours there are in this country:( And the same pattern of absentee landlords. A few years ago when property was cheap Turks were buying bunches of properties for letting out. Ok but at least be responsible for your property. In my house I'm usually the only one in the house at weekends and now everyone is out of town until after the Bayram.
  18. I agree but I don't want to get into trouble for criminal damage:) I have messaged her and she promised to call the alarm company to get it fixed. I am still shaking from the noise. It is literally unbearable.
  19. The young student who rents the flat above mine has a fire alarm which would wake the dead. It is a huge ugly red light that looks like a fire engine beacon and the noise it makes quite literally would damage the eardrums, especially outside in the corridor. This week it has started going off by accident and she (in common with the rest of this house) is never at home. Both times she luckily got hold of her flatmate who got back here as soon as he could to switch the darned thing off. My question is - what to do if I can't get hold of either of them and this thing starts off? I mean in particular the weekends when Im usually completely alone in the house. I suppose the police would take ages to come. Would I get into huge trouble if I smashed the thing with a broom pole (even supposing that would turn it off)? It is unbearable. She keeps promising to call the electrician to look at it but of course never does and if I press her on the subject she gets angry.
  20. Abi, wow - your story makes mine pretty tame. Horrible really! A combination of extreme heat in the summer, old buildings, bad state of repair and WOOD are what bring these horrors to us. Wish I had a rifle here - but it's the neighbours I'd shoot - if I was lucky ever to catch sight of one! They are better at hiding than the fleas really. I saw one of the workmen who had renovated next door and he said they were in the basement and it was a real horror down there with loads of fleas and he showed me his ankle to prove his point. He said they will not do the common parts (basement and stairwell) without payment which is reasonable and I said I would gladly pay my contribution but as you know from my posts, the neighbours are all away/uncooperative and the chances of even getting in touch with them are slim. I will wait until the property developer is back on Monday and see if he will help and impress upon him the pointlessness of having a posh and pricey flat when the common parts are falling to pieces and infested with nasties. Meanwhile I will change the bedclothes, wash the floor and spray with an insect killer called Detanmax which the gym trainer recommended and powder the mattress with the powder. I'm sure it won't get rid of them but maybe will keep the numbers down.
  21. Those of you who remember my last year's sufferings know what I'm referring to...those tiny black blighters who love blood:(I was under no illusion that no matter how much cleaning and powder I put down the fleas would be back again next year in late July/early August which, according to a knowledgeable friend of mine, is the egg-laying time in Turkey for fleas. It's no coincidence that the bug-busters (who are no use incidentally) leave their business cards in the doors of all the houses around here in the summer and a man comes around with a wheelbarrow laden with various pesticides and powders. I am not going to turn my new floor into a sandpit as I did last year with the old paraquet so will just change the bedclothes (I get bitten in the night so it's obvious where to concentrate on the most), powder the mattress and wash the bedroom floor today. Tomorrow is my cleaning day (I clean every Sunday as it gets so dirty here you can't just leave it) so I'll concentrate on the floors. Laminate tenders to gather a lot of dust as you probably know if you have these floors. My bar-owning neighbour said we ought to get the stairwell fumigated but it cost 400 TL and with all the neighbours away I am not paying for this all myself. As usual a lot of this is due to negligent and uncooperative old f**** neighbours. Turkish people seem to only think of themselves and no wonder there's that saying about 'don't buy a house, buy the neighbours.' To be honest I wish I had a stand-alone villa with no neighbours but I suppose that would have other problems:)Welcome to summer in old Istanbul!
  22. Hugs to you Angela and sooner or later you'll sell your apartment:)
  23. Hi Vince and hi all am making one of my rare appearances I live in Istanbul and although there are many language schools few of them offer to apply for work permits for their teachers. Also the hours are long and the pay measly of a fixed contract teacher. As Sunny says the visa run loophole is being closed so you will need to apply for a residence permit.
  24. I'd hate to have to use something like that! Also, I'd be worried about it leaking or something like that. Are you going somewhere at night or live in a secluded spot that you think you'd need it?
  25. Lost my group before it was due to end (which was February) as the students decided their English wasn't good enough and they needed a Turkish teacher. So that's me on the scrap heap again:(It is SO hard to find English teaching work in Istanbul. One of the reasons I moved here was because I heard they were crying out for teachers but - no more. Now if you look at the other websites where people post there are loads of other teachers looking and at least a couple new ones every day. I have good qualifications and 12 years teaching experience but nobody wants to know. All the schools around here have enough teachers and there doesn't seem to be a website or way of finding the private lycee type schools. Maybe someone could give me some job finding advice I haven't tried?
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