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  1. A Turkish lawyer friend told me a sad story about the Turkish justice system and it illustrates why TR has a long way to go before it can satisfy the reforms viz a viz human rights demanded by the EU. A young Turkish child was sadly killed as a result of governmental negligence. I don't know the exact facts but eg could have fallen into a pothole in the road etc. Then parents initiated a personal injury claim and the judge said that they deserved no compensation since they would actually be saving money on not having to pay for the childs upbringing and education. This shocking first instance decision was, I am happy to say, overturned at appellate level but it certainly gives one pause for thought.
  2. Despite having the zoning plan for Beyoglu, Istanbul, now approved and in the public domain, the Belideye still refuse to allow foreigners to purchase property in this area. I have long given up on this and frankly, having spent a generous sum on the transfer tax for both myself and the vendor, and three years' escrow fees, I'd be paying about a quarter or more of the value of the house if I paid legal fees plus another lot of duty should the tapu ban end. I'm more than happy with my lawyer and he has power of attorney in favour of two others should anything happen to him. I think that's as good as it gets if you can't have the tapu. The only thing I (and others) can't understand is WHY??? We've been told by officials that the 10% foreigner limit has not been reached in Beyoglu, and that the only remaining obstacle was that the plans were not approved or made public. Now that last remaining obstacle has been removed I'm totally bemused. It's impossible to get to speak to anyone at the Belideye of course and they all pretend they don't know. The only way I got to find out last time was to apply to buy the house and I spent 650 euros in legal fees just to lodge an application that got refused! So now I refuse to do anything more but I would genuinely love to find out about why this situation continues.
  3. Oh no- I'd forgotten I put that on the profile. I live in Turkey (have done permanently for 13 years now) .... but when I went down the list of options - Turkey was not on it, so I put the nearest down instead, meaning to come back to it and try again later. Then forgot all about it. I should alter it ... will do so now. Thanks for reminding me!

  4. Are you really from Turkmenistan??

  5. Thanks for your kind comment on my photo - you look kind of good yourself!!!!

  6. Very nice pic of you:)

  7. What time does noise have to stop here? Is it midnight now? Having suffered a year with the nightclub under my window, the noise of which thank goodness is now within acceptable limits, I've of course got Noisy Neighbours who moved in about the same time the nightclub noise died down! The night they moved in, it sounded as if heavy wardrobes were being hauled across the floor - from 12.30 midnight until the small hours! Now they usually come home about 11 pm or a bit later, as I'm trying to get to sleep so I have to routinely wear ear plugs or else just get woken up. The latest thing is this DIY banging....as is their usual patter they are quiet all day and then wake up at night like vampires:( The trouble is I can't find who it is. This building is a huge rabbit warren of different flats and echos like there's no tomorrow so you can never find out where the noise is coming from...
  8. From sh*tting on my window ledges. They usually do the same place and do very big piles of poo:( Like dogs don't tney smell the area and poo in the same place because of that? Any ideas to put them off? Should I now clean it with bleach?
  9. The You Tube ban is back again it seems. It may be a technical thing but i doubt it. Watch this space. Oops..rebooted my pc and now it does! Strange....
  10. Here's my rant; Turks for some reason don't like rolling their sleeves up and cleaning the house themselves. They'd rather employ a cleaner to do it. Ok..if there is a supply of cheap labour looking for work that's understandable I suppose. But their refusal to get their precious hands dirty even by carrying a very light rubbish bag to the nearby rubbish dumping place when they KNOW there are rats in the house really irks me. As does employing a cleaner to clean the stairs and windows in the stairwell (he never touches the windows and doesn't get rid of the dirt - just redistributes it) who is patently unsatisfactory. I messaged my neighbours that this is the last month I am paying for him and maybe we could clean each part of the stairwells and landings ourselves. As usual I never get a reply from most of them and the only one who replied said she wasn't going to do any cleaning herself as she was busy enough. I am also busy but I know there are a lot of problems with cleaners (the last house cleaner I had I caught putting my precious jar of marmite into her bag and she ruined my best sandals kneeling on the floor and rolling them into the dirt) and therefore prefer to clean the place myself. What are people's thoughts on this? Is it an Istanbul thing or are people like that all over the country?
  11. Ouch! So you did:)Wow Karen you really do have a good online experience. It does depend where you live though. I live Istanbul but have a dodgy phone line and my internet is slow so it just goes to show that just because you live in a city doesn't mean you get good internet or phone services.
  12. Very good and thorough answer from Cukur; I think this guy will change his mind about coming to Turkey if he wants a fast internet:)). Also he probably doesn't know about all the power cuts we get...ah, the season is starting soon:)Only you forgot to answer his last question which is yes he can get a pay as you go phone mobile from all the providersl
  13. As we touched upon the subject of getting involved with married men in a recent thread I wonder if the AKP would again try to criminalise adultery should they get a 'yes' vote in the referendum? This came up in another expat Forum but as a lawyer I think it would be very hard to prove unless the couple were caught in the act or seen coming out of a flat in the morning etc. This reminds me of the old English divorce law when adultery was practically the only ground to get a divorce and there were professional co-respondents i.e. Persons hired to pose as the adulterous partner for reasons of getting a divorce. I personally regard married men as bad news but turning adultery into a crime is another matter. Think of this: police resources would be overstretched, neighbours would turn into Stalin-era snoops, and worst of all (this has happened to me and loads I know) the woman (it is most often the woman who is the single partner) doesn't KNOW the guy is married for quite a while! Should an innocent party who has been duped by another then be punished? I think the jails would be full! It sounds fantastical but i can see Erdogan putting this on the statute books if he controls the judiciary seeing as Turkey has given up with trying to join the EU.
  14. Cukur's, I've already told Ms Rich b*tch that if she doesn't pay her whack of fixing the common parts then I will tell her tenants about the rat. You should have seen the look she gave me! The glossy facade dropped and she became pure poison. I gave her an equal evil eye and said no Turk scares me. Mitchmoud the historical properties in central Istanbul have not dropped like the rest of the country due to scarcity value and continuing demand to live in the historical centre. But the supply of rental property has increased and the rental prices have accordingly fallen. But landlords here are arrogant and as Sunny says, would rather their property stands empty than accept a lower rental. When this flat went on the market I so hoped we would get a) someone normal and an owner resident and not another greedy speculator but the noise on that side of the house put off buyers and the continuing tapu ban on foreigners that has been in effect since 2005 hasn't helped. As a rule Turks buy to let here but foreigners buy to live in the properties.
  15. My next door neighbour finally sold her flat quickly and rather cheaply to a property developer. He had the flat gutted and completely renovated over a six week period where the workers managed to cause a leak to the flats below them and knocked out two windows (facing my bathroom but apparently the windows were there before but bricked up and anyway they are also bathroom windows) which covered my windows in brick dust and messed up the courtyard below which they still have left stuff in. Erm...to cut a long story short..the developer was asking a high price for the property in today's still-depressed climate but as some of the regulars on this forum will know I live in a noisy neck of the woods and the other side of the building is VERY noisy as they directly overlook all the bars and restaurants and so the noise is 24/7 plus they have security problems as they all have balconies overlooking the street below. I bumped into one or two potential buyers when it was for sale and they were all concerned about the noise. Finally, the developer gave up trying to sell it and gave the tapu to one of his relatives, a snobby rich Turkish lady who lives in Nistantasi which is an upmarket part of Istanbul. According to the nice student girl who rents the top floor (the only normal person here and sadly due to leave quite soon), this new neighbour wants THREE THOUSAND TURKISH LIRA per month as a rental price! She has had it nicely renovated but it ain't a villa overlooking the Bosphorus and for a 110 sq metre rental in such a noisy place she'll only get students who can't afford that price. Even rich parents would consider that rent exhorbitant! Needless to say my new neighbour is moaning about having to pay for repairs to the common parts despite the fact we have holes in the basement which is letting rats in. She said she doesn't own one of the basement depots so it is none of her business so I smiled sweetly at her and said it would be her business if her prospective tenant found out about the vermin:))
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