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  1. Why don't we widen this thread to 'do mixed marriages work?' There are people married to all sorts of different nationalities, not just Turks.
  2. Well, Fil, I am an English teacher and live in Istanbul so why should Abigale write to this other person? To get a second opinion you mean or do you think I'm inventing the past two years?or telling lies? Im an experienced and proficient teacher and my students are more than happy with me but obviously my word doesnt count for anything?. If you want I can direct Abigale to the TEFLON black list website which has more than one Istanbul language school on it.
  3. It happened in the East which explains a lot but in the West the judge would have been disbarred.
  4. I also wanted to add that as Turks as a rule, don't speak English or speak it badly, you're also going to need reasonable Turkish. From a methodology point of view thus seems ridiculous i.e. We are supposed to keep to the target language but they like spoon feeding here and beginners need either Turkish teachers or natives with good Turkish.
  5. Indeed. But as a lawyer I'm shocked at a judge like that who is allowed to practise law. Turkey still has a LONG way to go.
  6. Firstly, welcome to the forum Abigale.I am an experienced ESL teacher and live and work in Istanbul. I have been living here since September 2008 and so I can give you some advice on the matter. Taking your points one by one: 1. Istanbul is saturated with English teachers. It is a magnet. People want to live here and finance themselves and of course more or less the only way of doing that is by teaching English. It used to be a great place to find a job instantly and earn reasonably but those days are gone. I worked for 4 schools here and encountered extreme unprofessional-ism on many lev
  7. A Turkish lawyer friend told me a sad story about the Turkish justice system and it illustrates why TR has a long way to go before it can satisfy the reforms viz a viz human rights demanded by the EU.A young Turkish child was sadly killed as a result of governmental negligence. I don't know the exact facts but eg could have fallen into a pothole in the road etc. Then parents initiated a personal injury claim and the judge said that they deserved no compensation since they would actually be saving money on not having to pay for the childs upbringing and education. This shocking first instance d
  8. Yeah, I doped and have had lots of hormonal probs since then - you pay a price for doing sport seriously. I'm sorry to hear about your ailments. As a former nurse I can say that some serious conditions can only be solved by conventional medicine but yes, homeopathic remedies have great value as a 'top-up.' I'm surprised Fethiye doesn't have more available with its large foreign community...
  9. LiP, hmm...yes...sounds like not a good time to be shipping from abroad as these Customs duties are newly introduced and causing mayhem. Yes, you did recommend iherb to me but that ain't the same as bodybuilding whey:)) Also I take stuff like Creatine and Glutamine and these are all sports supplements and there is a difference between that and what you want. I do also take something called Revenol for breast problems and this comes from Belgium and I get it shipped to the UK and pick it up from there. Since that time I met a hunky Brazilian guy at the gym (nice sport I do!) who gave me the
  10. Ah I see. Well, yes LiP, I saw something on another forum about a recent change in Customs regulations and yes they will be changing it a lot more in the future I'm afraid. This is because Turkey has a massive trade deficit (more imports than exports). As, similar to alcohol, they can't ban imports they will simply slap more tax on, The good news is Turks, like Russians, believe in herbal remedies and if you search around maybe you can find equivalents here. It can be a pain yes, and I get asked to bring loads of things back by students and friends each time I go home. I have big dermatitis pr
  11. You could also make the argument that someone who hooks a guy into marriage when they are both too young to know better, and then let's him keep her for the rest of her life is also a prostitute, albeit sanitised by a marriage certificate.
  12. I read this with interest. My female students are lovely, intelligent girls with good jobs. But they are from the West. Contrasted with their Anatolian sisters many of whom feel it is a disgrace to work and would rather 'ponce off' others, as Toasty puts it. And yes, I regularly hear 'it's all the fault of the US' from these types of people. I met them in Germany and i meet them here and all they can do is moan about their own lives and b*tch about people not in their tribe. I suppose they get bored of sitting around all day and so start to subscribe to conspiracy theories. The only mixed marr
  13. What are you worrying about? I bought two old kilims for my house and that wasn't cheap but i didn't get stressed about it. Mosaic lights can be bought almost anywhere and cost peanuts.
  14. Sorry, no but I don't think the firm has got it wrong:( It's really hard to get stuff like that here. When I go home I stock up. Cant you do that on your next visit home?
  15. Good point:) But sadly it's usually too late cor these victims by the time they read this forum...
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