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    Sports physiotherapy and all kind of physiotherapy, wellness and wellbeing life coach, the stretch therapy, triathlon clubs, open water swimming, music, trekking, travelling, long-life learning.

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  1. Hi! Did you fully understand this sentence? I could explain it. Ciao
  2. Hi Raven! I saw your question about IELTS preparation course. I m a Turkish girl. On the other hand ı could give some advice and my experiences in Antalya. I went to Artı (Plus) Language school on Isıklar street many years ago. I advise that a teacher. His name is Fatih Şen. He is the best english teacher in Antalya. You should meet him about your target. I had some experience with the other language courses when ı tried to move to Canada as a physiotherapist. My life changed. I will not go there. Anyways, you could prepare the IELTS exam yourself or with private lessons from this teacher. H
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