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  1. APageau


    Awesome photos Ken! Thanks for sharing! Will check out your others next. Such a beautiful country! =)
  2. Ken & Cowboy- Appreciate your thoughts on this! I have a year a two to plan my trip so I have some time to see how things settle (or not) in Turkey. A question for both / either of you. Is it a good idea to go with another friend / family member? I'd kind of like to venture alone - but thought it's probably not a 'safe' idea. Thanks! I'm really thankful that this site exists! Thanks Ken.
  3. Thanks for this post Thomas Meacham! I also grew up in Turkey in the 1980s at Incirlik. I've always considered Turkey 'my home' and miss it SO much. I was also looking into traveling to Turkey again but was also concerned about the State Dept. warnings. Thanks for the post and all of the replies putting me more at ease! =) Allen Incirlik - 83-85 / 87-91
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