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  1. we have already left turkey means, me my husband & baby. What if my husband can only visit turkey & go to that office would that be enough. My husband already got message for approval
  2. as I told you we enter on e-visa. We have valid multiple schengen visa so we are entitled to get e-visa in few minutes on airport or before arrival. Immigration officer just check schengen & gave us entry. We can do this again if required. As I told you we submit to GOC office on 15th Feb evening(Friday) & we exit on sunday 17th Feb. My husband received only 1 email on 21 Feb Thursday that you can read above, but when we login on e-ikamet we saw that status of problem printing.
  3. I visited turkey on E-Visa (first e-visa & visit) 30 days single entry on 1st feb with my husband & a baby. We applied for short term residency & submitted papers on 14th Feb 2019 then we left turkey on 17th due to some emergency . We chose mode of communication as email not mobile/sms. We received email for my husband 2 days back: For me & my baby status showing "under assessment" Can someone guide us. what this status means. cancel or if pending then till what time. should we visit again & apply or my husband can visit alone & collect card for all of us.
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