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  1. Yes. it is a sticker on my passport. No, i did not get it from the e-website. I did want to use the visa for its purpose but tomer, the language center, told me they had stopped offering weekend classes. With a job online (not freelance, but I actually work for a company), I am unable to attend the per-day 4-hour classes. Is this something i should tell the immigration office so that they can give some sort of relaxation?
  2. I work online. And I came to Turkey to study the Turkish Language Course on the weekends, after finishing work during the week. But when i came here, Tomer (the Turkish language course) said that they had stopped offering weekend classes. From a purely time perspective I can't afford the weekday classes. But i would still like to live in Turkey for a while because i like the place. So can't I just go to the immigration office (or to the e-ikamet residence permit application website and straight up apply for a tourist resident permit), tell them the change of plans and then apply for a tourist short-term resident permit? Again, thanks for reading my message and being such a big help.
  3. but can't i just apply for a toursit resident permit with the intention of buying a property after some months?
  4. apparently, the official website had two types of visas in this respect. one was the student visa and the other one was the turkish language course visa. and that is what it says on my visa. under 'type of visa' it says turkish language course/ turcke dil kursu.
  5. i am currently on turkish language course visa. can i apply for a tourist residence permit or does it have to be student resident permit
  6. I have thought about the same thing myself. Let's see what other experience memebers of the forum have to say. From what I have read so far, I think they want the applier to say more than just 'i want to reside in turkey for no other reason than to site see'. In other words, i think it will help if you tell them that you want to check out the place before you make the decision of buying a property. But again, someone with more experience should confirm things here.
  7. Thank you for the response. Just a couple of things more. If i am living in a hotel, how long does the proof of residence need to be? I mean , if i want to apply for 1 year, do i need to show that i have booked the hotel for one year? I am living with my dad (my mum would not let me leave country without him), does he need a health insurance as well? He is over 65.
  8. Great. Great. Thank you for such a detailed response. Now I understand a lot more than before. So do you have some link or something where I can sign up for health insurance for me and my dad? Moreover, I am currently living in an airbnb space. Does that make a difference on my applciation or do I need to rent some space? Thank you for taking the time out and responding to my questions.
  9. Thanks for the response again. One more confusion I would love for you to help me with. My passport says 'duration of stay' 30 days and visa validitiy '7 months'. What does that mean? Does that still mean i have to apply for RP after 30 days? Thank you again for taking the time out and reading my message.
  10. Thank you very much for the response. One other thing, is the guide that you wrote for getting a short term resident permit still valid? Plenty of other sites that have guides on the same topic have such a long procedure with documents running into 10s and 20s. On the official website and in your guide, there are about 6 documents that I need to apply for resident permit. Is health insurance from my original country acceptable or does it need to be from a Turkish company? thanks for reading my message.
  11. I keep reading the process is simple but then when it comes down to to going to places and getting all the stamps, some have suggested that you need a person who speaks and/or understands Turkish. How do i find someone like that if it is indeed a need?
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