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  1. Hi there, i'm on the same boat as yourself and very confused. I'm wondering what revenue type that is not taxable in Turkey that you mention? In my case i have passive income on print-on-demand sites outside of Turkey, which i usually pay tax in the UK for that but with the pandemic i've stayed longer than 6 months in Turkey.... Would really appreciate to know if there are people on the same situation. Thanks!
  2. Hi Ken, thank you so much for the reply and congrats on your successful renewal. I can't see a reason either of why the disparity between the applications we submitted. In any case it is not that much of a big deal as we can renew it again when we have the tapu in place. We were seen by different agents, maybe one of them was having an off day or wanted to be too pc, who knows.... lol.... In any case just comes to show that it's all that even if you're prepared, it's still a box of surprises with bureaucrats. Thanks again for your advice and such prompt reply. All the best.
  3. Hi everyone, So my partner and I went to our interview today in Alanya and thought of sharing with you our experience, which comes to prove that it's a bit of a lottery, really. I'm british and my partner's Italian and we are going to purchase a home here in Alanya but had not yet finalised the purchasing process yet. We have been here for almost 70 days within our 90 days allowed so we were anxious to get this done. We opened an account here and transferred money in anticipation of being asked of proof of income and ahead of our home purchase. As we are buying a place, we decided t
  4. Thank you! It is indeed the first application i mean and not an extension. i guess it was a bit ambiguous. Great info and thanks again.
  5. Thank you very much, guys. It seems encouraging! we shall follow through and will let you know.
  6. My partner and I have been in Turkey now for almost two months within these last 90 days and intend to settle after a short trip to Europe next week. I will then apply for our short term residence. Our intention is to buy a property here in Alanya, but will not have made the purchase before our official 90 day allowance expires. We'll obviously have to apply as tourist extensions since we don't have a Tapu (title deed) yet but am wondering if in applying for a tourist visa and explaining to the immigration officer we are here to purchase a property could be a source of a headache at the interv
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