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  1. Just 2 question, -Is there any problem for my wife while she want to renew her work permit because of my rejected and over staying as her husband or not? -And do you think considering my 10 days (Sertli Giris) and over staying around 7 months also 2 rejected documents in family case, Is there any chance to give any type of visa from Turkey Embassy in my country ? Sorry for too much questions as I really sticking in this bad condition .
  2. Hi Redders, Yes she is in Turkey and working around 4 years with work permit visa but she is not citizen in Turkey yet.
  3. Yes Ken, I mean Ban, Sorry it was a mistake in type. I have to back to my wife here soon thats why I'm looking for a safe way to go out and back again as soon as possible.
  4. Hi there, Belong of our conversation I have to leave Turkey soon unfortunately, I've tried to persist and convince them but apparently no way... Right now do you know that, Is there any specific timing issue for band low while I want to back in turkey ? Considering I came in Turkey with 10 days eventual visa then apply 2 times for Family resident permit with rejected result and now I am overstay about 7 months. Thanks for all your help guys .
  5. Thank you Redder and Ken, Is there any way to apply from Turkey’s Embassy in my country to get any type of visa to come back soner than 90 days, because my wife is here and she is feeling so bad along.
  6. Hi to you all, Thanks for your attention I really appreciate. At first I have to confess that GOC did not say anything about banding rules , these are what I learn of other people in the same situation with me. So the question is; 1- I already applied for family RP, and result was rejected because of Visa violation, So it means I cant apply for Family RP again till 6 months ?! And I mention that, "my last request for applying touristic visa is from 7 mouth go". 2- If I pay my penalty in Air port, how long should I be out of Turkey? "depends on what people said to me a
  7. Hi again, I went to GOC. yesterday and informed that my request was rejected because of Visa Violation, I'm so sad, There is no fair judgment. I have to leave my wife for a year here because of some bugs that they have in system to inform people for appointment. Anyway I leave a complaint there and waiting for their answer , If any suggestion for me please forward to me. Best Regards,
  8. Hello every one , I used my 3 months free visa and left Turkey for 2 months, When I back police gave me 10 days visa on a paper and forced me to apply for my resident permit during this time. I did all and waiting for appointment SMS from Immigration offices as noticed me on web site, but after a month I called to 157 and informed that I missed my appointment time while I did not received any SMS, I send several time complaint paper but replied negative answer from IMG. to give me a new appointment. My wife has work permit in Istanbul for 3 years and I should be close to her, If i go out
  9. What dose it mean exactly, I'm so worried about it. I did not received any SMS like they said, but I found this massage in Goc.gov.tr in my profile section. I attached here. Thanks for your help in advance.
  10. But I did not received any SMS , I check and see this massage on website, OMG .
  11. Hi Guys. I've apply for the first time for family resident permit in Istanbul as my wife has Work permit for 3 years, I have been apply in 18 of January 2019 but still waiting for any SMS or... Recently I've checked web site which I register for checking the result and show this to me Kayıt durumunuz: It has been concluded. It is required to apply to Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. Is there any person to know what is this and what should I do? Thank to u all
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