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  1. Great program to learn Turkish ! You guys were all right ! You have to be careful on your work selection however. I had a friend I went to Turkish language school at DLI in Monteray, CA (Defense language Institue) (Language school for the CIA, USAF, USA, USN (All foreign languages) with and he almost got killed in Adana when he was trying to catch a shared taxi cab ride and he was trying to yell out "Dolmus" but instead yelled out "Domus". So he was trying to call everyone a "Pig" instead of trying to get a ride from a Dolmus. I never let him down because of that ...we still laugh about that event even today...It's like when I was in Iraq and this Kurdish kid thought his slang English was great until he went up to a U.S. special forces black dude and said "What's up sister?" and the dude punched this Kurd right in the mouth almost knocking him out. I immediately told him that a "Brother" is a dude and a "Sister" is a girl. Have to get it straight...This Kurd is in America now and we never forget telling that story/I never let him forget that story. The best way to learn the vowel pronunciation and get your vocabulary increased: Practice your grammer about 20 minutes a day and your vocabulary about the same amount of time....and talk Turkish any opportunity you can get. Good luck arkadaslar! Bol sanslar (Lot's of luck) friends! P.S. Anyone who likes Turkey will always be friends with me !!!
  2. My Turkish and Kurdish are excellent. The Kurdish numbers are: Yek, du, se,, penc etc etc. Turkish #s: Bir, iki, uc, dort, bes. etc. Dogu, Bati, Kuzey, Guney (East/west/north/south). The names of the colors are excellent: Kiramasi (Red), Mavi (Blue), Siya or Kara (Black), sara (Yellow) (Saralik= Jandice/Hepititis B), Beyaz (White). I can type 600 more pages like this in Turkish. It's a very easy language to learn and it has a phonetic alphabet (Can write it easily compared to Arabic). My slang Turkish is awesome as well. For example "Avrat" means your old lady or wife. "Pilic" means I very hot good looking girl. Ben yermi bes yilden beri Turkce biliyorum (I have known the Turkish language for 25 years). I own a house in Izmir that has been paid off for about that same time. I have my Turkish wife's family pay the taxes (Vergi) and insurance (sigorta) on it every year (Her yil). Turkey is the most beautiful country in the world and I have lived in 10 different countries in the world. There are a lot of close seconds but Turkey is still my number one !!! Would love to settle down in Anamur or Alanya, the two most beautiful cities in Turkey. Later folks and friends (Sonra gorusuruz arkadaslar!)
  3. Places to see in/near Adana: Kizkalesi (Maiden Castle ) is a favorite for Europeans and Americans as well as for the Turks of course. There also beaches in Yurmatalik, Karatas (With a remote USAF radar site you'll see on the main drag driving there). You also have Erdemli, Mersin, Tasacu and Silifke for the other beaches. You can also go to Snake castle which is just a 20 minute drive from Incirlik air base. Adana lake (Biraj) is great too. Tarsus is a biblical city that the Turks allowed the city to keep it's namesake name. In Ephesis (Near Selcuk/Izmir they changed the name to "Efes" which is good enough for me... Lot's of scuba diving in the Adana area if you get into that. Just make sure you have permission to go to the dive sites. A lot of times the areas are only open to restricted diving which means you can dive it once you get permission but usually when this happens you're escorted with Turkish authorities. Good luck!
  4. To new folks on their way to Izmir for the first time: Izmir is a modern city with a lot of things to do. It has a main park in the center of the city by Alsancak and Basmane. Down the road they have Ege University (Aegean University) in the suberb of Bornova. If you are going to be assigned to NATO you either going to work at SIXATAF, LandSouthEast (LSE), or at the main alternate war headquarters at Disko Hit which is just past Bornova inside of a mountain that can withstand a 10kt direct nuclear hit. Izmir used to be the home to the 1141 SAS (Special Activities Squadron) but I believe they're no longer around. There is plenty of scuba diving in Cesme, Kusadasi, Gumuldur, or at Milli park. I did countless wreck dives over there on sunken Ottoman, Roman, Greek, Phonicean, and Turkish ships. Air bagged up a lot of stuff that had to clear customs to take out of the country. The basic rule was that if it was more than one of kind thing from the ship we were allowed to own it. If it was a rare item it had to stay in Turkey. Well - good luck !
  5. To Fenereniste: My wife is Turkish as I met her at the "Lik" back in 1988u and got married to her the same year. I had to get a pre-marital spouse investigation done on her by OSI due to my TS clearance. How is Kizkalesi (Castle by the Sea)? And Tarsus, Karatas, and Yurmatalik? Great I hope ! How long have you guys been married? Have you travelled to other places besides Izmir and Adana? I did four tours in Turkey back in the day, 2 in Izmir and 2 at Incirlik. Then retired from the USAF. Turkce biliyormusunuz? Insallah biliyorsun....yoksa cat pat Turkce biliyorsun (lol) Man I would love to go back to Turkey again,,,could easily fly Space "A" via a USAF C5 Galaxy transport aircraft or fly commercial --it does not matter. Hangi takim tutuyormusun? Which soccer team in Turkey is your favorite? Probably Fenerbache ! And not Galasiray or Besiktas.. Talk to you later (Sonra gorusuruz) Fenereniste ! P.S. Benum avratim Konyalimis (My old lady (wife) is from Konya).
  6. Turkish women are great but you must know the Hanife Islamic religion along with their normal customs. If they're from eastern Turkey (Mainly the Kurdish woman) they are going to want "Baslik" parasi (Dowry or "Start up" money). Most Turkish families don't required this. A lot of times the Turkish families will get the furniture for you a long with a heap of other stuff like linens/blankets, etc. So if you're a guy you are going be called a "Eniste" and a "Damat" (Brother-In-Law and groom. If you're called a "Milli Damat" that means you're the best one ! Your Turkish wife will be called the "Galen Kiz" which I think means the bride. Feel free to correct me anyone... Just before the wedding you'll have a few get-togethers: The first one is where a "Falci" shows up and she reads your fortune/future...What she does is have your future wife make Turkish coffee then the Falci turns the cup upside down after you drink the coffee and then by studying the outlay of the coffee residue she can read your future. Another get-together is called Niki Kurna which I think means the engagement partisi (party). I would also learn a lot of Turkish and Kurdish (Turkce and Kurmanci). Insallah Turkce ogreniceksiniz. In fact, forget about the Kurdish unless she's Kurdish (Kurmanciyi Bos ver....ne var yani....fark et mez (Who cares / so what / what does it matter.. Her neyse, (Whatever,). As you can see I'm practicing my Turkish. If you're really serious about this Turkish girl please get follow-up with this thread and can help you out tremendously ! P.S. I lived in Turkey for 10 years: 5 in Adana and 5 in Izmir. I also stayed at least 7 days in: Siirt Mus, Adiyman, Erzurum, Bitlis, Antalya, Taskale (Near Karaman) Anamur, Antakya (Iskenduren), Kusadasi, Eski Foca/Yeni Foca, Bornova, Cesme, Urla, Gumuldur, Karatas, Tarsus, Mersin, Kizkalisi, Tasucu, Silifke, Sinope, Trabzon, and the Pozanti mountains. Note: The best part of Turkey is between Mersin and Antalya down south...Everywhere is beautiful in Turkey but this part of Turkey is my favorite. Later dude! Monte/Metin.
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