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  1. Yes that correct Ken, open the post as soon as before you edit it. And now I am still try exactly what you suggest . Try to different Turkish alphabet and modified it into my name and parents name. Unfortunately, still trying one by one now . Does is student ID card can be use to track kimlik number ? I still have my METU student ID no.
  2. Hi ken, heaps thank for you advise. Unfortunately, this site neither work for me. I just tried the link you gave me and filled all details but my Id cannot be found. May be instead of kimlik, do you know how to find ikamet number ?? Or any ways will be helpful. Thank you .
  3. I need to provide police clearance certificate from Turkey. In order to get this certificate, I have to provide identity card that I wonder could be Turkish identity card for foreigner or my own nationality identity card. If it Turkish foreigner identity card " kimlik". Then I will be in the complex situation. Since it was 10 year ago ( 18 years old) I lived in Ankara as Student for only a year ( now I am 28 @[email protected]) and both residence permit and ID card I believe lost ages ago. I hope you guys can give me any advice. In case they need my ID number, how I can I find my number. As I remember I need to had my residence permit done after that got foreigner ID number.
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