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  1. Thank you for your help IbrahimAbi! I will check out MEF as well.
  2. Pease let me know if you hear more about any other schools.
  3. Thank you Ken, I appreciate your help! I checked out ACI and really liked it, but their prices are above my budget.
  4. Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum. I am planning to move to Izmir towards the end of May 2019, with my family (2 children: 4th and 1st graders) and looking for private schools that include, at least some English in their curriculum. And to avoid having to buy a car, at least for the first year, I am looking to buy a 2bedroom closer to the school, so that I can drop off and pick up my kids myself. I prefer a neighborhood that is children friendly; where maybe there are parks for them to play, and it goes without saying Safety is more important. so my questions are: 1. what private schools in Izmir include some English in their curriculum? 2. which of those are in kid-friendly neighborhoods 3. how would you rate their safety 4. anything else you would like to add:) I know I probably need a magic wand to get what I want, however, I also know that I can do so with your help. Thank you!
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