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  1. Ibrahim Abi we should apply for renewal in Alanya and give them the new address? do you know how long they renew the RP for in Alanya
  2. Can we change the address when applying for renewal because we can't come now and then again when for the renewal
  3. My parents ( my father and mother both over 65 ) got their RP expiring end of August 2019. This was issued in Antalya for one year and it was on a rental agreement. Since then Me and my cousin bought a flat in Alanya for our parents and Tapu (title deed) is registered on our names but we both live in Europe and come and visit our parents sometimes. My question is can we apply for our parents in Alanya to renew their RP on our property as they will be living here not in Antalya. and can we apply for 2 years RP since this property is bought for them. in terms of finances we are s
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