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  1. Hi, I have a question about short term residency for a family. We arrived in Turkey on August, 13 2018. We hired a lawyer to help us with obtaining the residency. We had an appointment on Jan,3 but when we went for the appointment we found out that the lawyer had filled in the wrong date of arrival on the form ( he filled in our date of arrival as august 31st). I dont speak turkish so I dont know if we were denied or if we just needed to fix that error. My question is 1) As we have already overstayed the 90 days of our 180 day tourist visa do we have to leave the country or can we just reapply ( our 180 day visa is up on Feb,13th) 2) If we leave the country can I just go to Bulgaria and turn around. and if I do leave will I have to pay fines and do I have to get a new tourist visa. My husband already has a Turkish ID number. Thanks for any help.