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  1. zertashia

    Marital status

    Thankyou so much for your detail answer.....i hope i will find a true path.
  2. zertashia

    Marital status

    Thanks ken for your support....would you like to tell me the document showed by government site is stamped or just pdf file. Because according to him he has sent me PDF file downloaded by website Regards,
  3. zertashia

    Marital status

    I am Female from Pakistan. Actually i need your guidance and help regarding one issue related to turkey. I have boy friend in Istanbul who claims he has divorced her wife few months ago(before we met) and have two children. he has sent me pdf file from website of his divorce status but i have doubts he is still married as i asked him please send me link of online website but he ignores. I have his id no and home address, even knows his parents name. Can you help me out to find his real status online. I mean through his id no. i shall be very thankful to you if you help me out