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  1. Interesting. Did not know that. Anything to get around the prohibition. I recently read an article on the of disappearance of alcoholic beverages from supermarket Christmas (?) baskets (not sure if the pic will show up) and there was much ex planation of the legislation governing alcohol bans. I must admit my ignorance on this issue but there's not like being affected that pushes you to get educated
  2. Well I found myself in Istanbul today and in the Zorlu Mall found Eataly with a half decent variety of wine at a pretty penny. Picked up some bottles in the Macrocenter so I'm good for now. I will keep my eyes out for the Tekel shops. Don't think I've ever seen one around here.
  3. Hello Cukurbagli, sorry to hear about your vines! Indeed that's where I am. I was so surprised that I couldn't just have a glass of wine with my dinner. I did not realize that the town was that conservative, having spent some time in Istanbul and Izmir. The train to Istanbul has just started service so maybe I do need to use it to get a some stock. Ibrahim I've been to two Migros supermarkets here that were dry. I will try the one in the Gebze Center - perhaps I will be a tad bit more luck. Thank you both for the hints!
  4. Trying not to be a hit and run or rant poster. Why are there no other posters in Gebze? Must be a reason! Boring as heck and nothing to do here. Not even proper internet - no fibre, no ADSL!!!! I'm stuck with Turkcell vinnwifi - didn't understand the explanation why I can't get the superbox (lost in translation) ! All the usual shoulda, woulda, coulda thoughts going through my mind! I'd really like to find someone - a foreigner - who survived Gebze - but I don't think that there was anyone as foolish as me! Where does one buy wine here??? I need it like water but darn, the latter is all that the supermarkets here stock If anyone has ideas for internet service please do let me know. And don't forget wine tips! Much appreciated. PS Still waiting for the resident card, then I will get a car and get out some Mood!
  5. Hello All, It's my first post and I apologise in advance for the questions. I'm moving to Gebze for a year in a few weeks and spent the last 4 days visiting apartments and getting to know the town. Aside from the hotel and the real estate agent, we couldn't find anyone in restaurants, mall, services etc. who spoke English I've scoured this forum and as far as I can see there is (almost) no one from the Koaceli area but I'm going to try asking my questions here anyway! As I will be moving only for a year I do not want to spend a lot on furniture so I was wondering if anyone knew of companies that rented furniture in Turkey! Alternatively are there good second hand furniture/white goods shops that deliver to Gebze? Any hints would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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