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  1. also.. I have been reading some similar posts in this forum which mention the issuing of an A4 temporary residence permit once the e-ikamet is submitted at the municipality office. However when my visit to the municipality concluded I was not given this document I was only give the "teblig tebellug belgesi" which as I understands is just a submission confirmation.
  2. I submitted my application for the short term tourist residence permit on 31/12/2018 at the Pendik office here in Istanbul. After the clerk took my application he gave me a "teblig tebellug belgesi" and said that my residence permit would be sent in the mail. Here is the problem. I am currently here on a 90 day e-visa which should expire on 14/01/2019. The permit should be sent to my current residence here in Pendik via the post but I am wondering how long it will take to arrive and if I have the right to stay in the country until my application is processed. If I cannot stay I will need to le
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