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  1. Thank you Ken, Yah, it seems so, Istanbul is very complicated state in terms of time and procedures. wish you all the best my dear.
  2. Hi, I finally got the ptt SMS with tracking number and saying that my card has been issued and shipped to me from Ankara. These are some information may help you: Istanbul Date of renewal 21 Dec 2018 through ptt. SMS date is 31 Jan 2019. I have sent the renewal application before the RP expires in two days, then I left Turkey. First issue was 6 months, Now with renewal I got 2 years. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for your help, I totally understand this point, I would like to clarify that there is no (Under Assessment) message in the system, all what the system is saying is that: "the five days for submitting your docs is over" in Turkish of course, one friend told me that I get this error because the old RP is expired, it makes sense, but I still wonder about the picture in the main topic I attached, it is saying that I got 2 years ! where do you think this message from ? from which system ?
  4. Hi REDDERS, thanks for reply, in fact, I have some relatives living in my house, they are supposed to receive the card once it arrives, they did the same when I got the first time residence permit, I have a turkish phone number working with my relatives just for the. SMS purpose, I hope I clarified it well, now you tell me how can we check the status ? Because in the immigration web it does not show any assessment status , however in the first time RP I could check the status and follow up online. thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I am really glad to find this forum as everyone is talking English ! I need your help in my case, I have hired someone to apply for a renewal of my touristic RP, it was 4 months, and we applied for 2 years, that person did the renewal through PTT, and after few days he sent me this pic (attached) as a proof of the approval, however, he is not telling me the system he gets this proof from, I think that happens for business and profession secrets reasons ! could anyone tell me where can I check the renewal status of my RP application ? before you guys tell me to try this web I like to tell you that I have done that through https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr but It did not work. I believe he uses a different web for checking the renewal status. One last thing, I have had two days left in my previous RP before I left the country during the process of the renewal, Now the old RP is expired, and I am outside of Turkey, am I in the safe side ? would my being outside of Turkey effect the renewal process ? Thanks a lot.
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