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  1. Hi, When you start the online application this date will be the starting date of residency permit. You can chose a date in future but immigration office will not let this. To not to lose your days on touristic visa dont wait till the 90th day of visa. Becouse sometimes system down and you cant complete your application. (we have seen from 3 days to 20 days sytem problems)
  2. Hi You have to apply for residency permit within your legal days in Turkey. That means before completing 90 days. Application have to be done online and on the online application process system will ask you to write the Health insurance policy details. After completing the online application you will get an appointment from İmmigration office. When you complete your application and get appointment no probs if you exceed the 90 days
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    We give service to expats for residency permit, work permit, Insurance and all other issues they need with the goverment offices. Yabancılara devlet dairelerindeki tüm iş ve işlemleri ile ilgili danışmanlık hizmeti vermekteyiz. Aynı zamanda sigorta alanında faaliyet göstermekteyiz.
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