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  1. Hi, I sent my representative in Turkey, someone who got an official paper to represent me for such work. I had the police record for my wallet theft translated in to Turkish by an official consulate translator, then the consulate approves the paper coming from Police. not the translation. Hope this would help. Thanks, Wael
  2. I got my new residence card through mail, I sent the needed documents to prove it was stolen, They agree to do the new one. Documents include 1) photo copy of the residence card.2)Police statement translated to Turkish and approved by the Turkish consulate. All the best guys
  3. It is, the problem is how to reach immigration officers that has the RC number in the system. As I called foreign office hotline they confirm that they might will/will not let u in! I'm having a try in the next few weeks, loose only the time to the airport. Then I will apply for visa if didn't work.
  4. One more information tho, I'm not from a country where you can take visa upon arrival, you got to take visa prior boarding, so is that would be a problem, or the ground staff know it? Here where the problem exists, if any one with the same condition please let me know if allowed boarding having the documents and a copy of the R. Card. Thanks
  5. Hi, I lost my resident card outside turkey, am I allowed entery if I have the police report translated and certified by Turkish embassy, together with resident permit photo? thanks,
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