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  1. Thanks, I feel I have done the right thing - no regrets what so ever. Thanks friend.
  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!!! :-)
  3. So Mimi, you hit the nail on the head. I won't tell you how much money I have given these people, (thousands). I will tell you this. A guy from work texted me this evening and asked me out and told me that he is excited to see me tomorrow. This wouldn't have happened if I had decided to leave and go to Turkey. Things happen for a reason and I am so glad I listened to you and the others and came to my senses in time. I am going to be ok. My dreams are not shattered - maybe they are just beginning. Thanks for your understanding and support. Happy Holidays!!!!!! (and they will be)
  4. Thank you for your feedback and for the feedback from so many others. I feel you have all helped me make the right decision. I am going to just stay here and find my happiness here. I am so glad I didn't fall for their ruse. Thanks to all and Happy Holidays. Becky
  5. I would have a hard time coming back and I am afraid if I did go I would come back broke. Not going to happen. Happy Holidays
  6. Your post got me to thinking and thinking. Then this morning he Facebooked me and asked me if I could buy him a winter jacket and some heavy duty boots and his mom needed a jacket too. I just thought.....hummmmmm.....more money???? Don't think so - so I blocked him for good.
  7. After talking to everyone and thinking hard, I have decided to not go at all. I am going to just stay here in Oregon and try to make it on my own. Thanks for your concern and advise, Becky
  8. OK RELAX EVERYONE. I have changed my mind. I am not going. I am going to stay here in Oregon and just live my life. Don't need stress anymore. Thanks for all the advise - It helped me make my decision. Happy Holidays to you all.
  9. Thank you, I appreciate that. I just want to retire where I can afford to live and not be alone. I only have about 10 more years to live and I want to be happy.
  10. I am being careful, I will keep enough money in the bank to fly back to the states if I need to. I have met his family and friends. We got along very well.
  11. I told him this. He said age is just a number. Feelings are what is important.
  12. Thank you for the information IbrahimAbi. I only went to that school for one year before my parents put me in the American High School in Alsanjak. I could walk to school and didn't have tp ride the electric trolley that used to scare me to death!!
  13. I don't feel this is a "love rat" scheme either. I am not rich and we do not want to live anywhere but in Guzelbahce so it's not like it is for him to become an American. He loves his country, me, his mom and all of his family and so do I. My eyes are open. I will keep money in the bank for a return ticket if I ever need it but I don't think I ever will.
  14. We are ok, it was my friends idea for me to move there in the first place. She wants me to marry her son because she says she loves me and her son loves me and she wants all of us to be happy and live together in our "old age". We laugh about this all the time. The son, Bahadir, and I get along very well. We have similar tastes and sense of humor. He says he will always protect me with his life because I will be his wife. I love this whole family. His sisters, uncles, cousins, mom, just all of them. I wish me good luck and happiness too!!! Thank you for your concern and input.
  15. I think I am just going to ship a couple of boxes of clothes and bring 2 suitcases. I will sell the rest here and buy new in Izmir. I am not getting good feedback from people in the States about moving to Turkey. They tell me to stay here because it is safer. I would rather live there and be happy the rest of my life than pay the prices here and not be happy. His mother is the one who invited me to live with them first. He is the one who suggested marriage. I am seriously thinking about it. I pay $1250 a month here for a 2 bedroom apt. and he and his mom pay 250 a month for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath 2 blocks from the sea. So what's to think about????
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