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  1. Hello my appointment is still on the 5/12/2018 I didn't receive a clear response from them. They told me it may be accepted if all other documents are complete but am not sure. I am still worried. Knowing the university always does the student permits for the students studying and they will take care of going on the decided appointment day. But my main question would a small letter in my name effect the rejection of my application?? knowing its the same name but in Turkish a letter( e rather than a) at the end. But all other documents are correct and the health insurance is correct.
  2. hello I am in a university in Istanbul and they applied for me to a student permit. But my first name is written in Turkish different than my passport. my name in the passport is usama but in the application its usame. My visa is expired so I cant make a new application. My question is will my application be directly rejected???
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