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  1. Thanks Ken. I checked the https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr for my application status and shows "It is under assessment". It's confusing to me, but upon your suggestion, I'll go back to the Goc Idaresi to follow up. Thanks again.
  2. I went to Goc Idaresi (immigration office) in Ankara today inquiring on the status to a mistake made on my kimlik (identity) card that I received back on 13 Dec 2018, which I turned it in for correction. Since it's been more than 5 weeks, I inquired today. The officer pulled up my record and then gave me a PTT barcode. I went to check at my local PTT after, but I was informed that no package has come in yet with that barcode. I also checked on gonderitakip.ptt.gov.tr to track the package but no details are showing. Could you help understand this situation? Does this mean soon I'll receive a te
  3. Thanks Ken. I actually applied once before 2+ years ago and I was charged the Visa Fee then. I didn't apply again until recently, again I was charged. In these last 2+ years, I was in Turkey a couple of times. So do you think that I was charged for the "visa-exempted" days between these 2 periods? Might you know how the charge is calculated?
  4. I read on your website about the following as shown below. Single Entry Visa Fee Citizens of countries who are able to visit Turkey without a visa will also have to pay a single-entry visa fee. For 2018, this fee is 400.80 TL. I'm from one of these visa-exempted countries and I recently had my randevu and I was charged 458 TL for Visa Fee. My question is whether this Visa Fee will be charged of me every single time that I apply for a tourist residence permit? The next time, I hope to extend my permit, will this Visa Fee be charged too?
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