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  1. Moreover immigration officer still has my original documents I submitted. Does it mean immigration officer send a photocopies or a scan?
  2. Yes, you are right and they send another message when your application is send to Ankara. Almost 10 day back immigration officer provided me the document on behalf of I can travel to my country but have to return within 15days. I haven't received any kind of SMS yet and my application status still showing the "document under assessment". I called on online helpline no aswell, they say the same that my application is under assessment after seeing it from system. Though after visiting the immigration office last week he told me that your application is in Ankara. Does it mean my application is approved and under printing stage from Ankara?
  3. I visited and immigration officer told me that rent agreement should be on the name of the landlord. So I have to do it that way. It worked and they accepted my documents on Friday but I'm surprised I haven't received any SMS confirming my documents being successfully submitted. I heard from other people applied receiving the confirmation message within the same day but I haven't received it I am quite worry because I have to fly to my country in two weeks. Thus I'm thinking of visiting the immigration office tomorrow and inquire about it and especially ask for any document on behalf I go back to my country and return within 15 days.
  4. Thanks Ken and Redders for replying. I have some more queries that I would like to ask. It will be very kind of you if you reply it as well. 2- I want to buy an apartment in Istanbul. In this scanerio, doesn't my status change from visitor to investor. 3- How much does notary charge (estimated fee) for the service you mentioned? 4- I'm going to visit the immigration officer today with the property documents. If the immigration officer doesn't accept the agreement and insist on being signed by the landlord(husband) then I'm thinking of another option. Immigration officer is quite cooperative and I'm saying this because I will visit him for the fourth time today and I am thinking If I talk to him about my problem and ask him can I give another rent agreement of other place with property documents matching address and agreement signed by landlord. Then the problem might be solved. What you suggest? 5- I heard Turkey started to refuse alot of short term residence. Is this true? As I applied through Tekirdağ that has very less pending applications as compare to Istanbul and Ankara, so I think I shouldn't worry. Moreover, can I reside and do job in another city after getting residence? I would like to move to Istanbul.
  5. FIRST OF ALL I WOULD LIKE TO TELL YOU MY CASE IS A EXCEPTIONAL CASE N NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO DEAL IT BUT I HOPE AS AFTER READING YOUR FORUM LATEST POSTS FOR MORE THAN 5 HOURS THAT YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO GUIDE ME. 1- I came here on a visit visa of 7 days that expired on 5 Oct 2018 and I'm a Pakistani national. Kindly suggest me what other options I have to stay here especially in Istanbul. Moreover I am doing a TEFL certification to teach English to learners. Please guide me. 2- I applied for short term residence permit with reason as "tourism purpose" With same type you mean I have to change my reason to any other then I can apply. 3- Turkish one of the standard clauses says If I leave I have to pay the remaining months rent. And my landlord is in financial crisis. Thus she emphasise me to stay even though I want to move to Istanbul after getting residence. And for sake of residence I accepted her this term verbally after one month of making the contract but it doesn't seems to make a sense that why you pay 1 year rent. I told my landlord I will give you a one month notice then I can leave without having to pay you any money but she said you cant because you have to stay here after getting residence and if you want to leave then you have to pay the remaining months. It's seems like I'm trapped in here... 4- No my application has not been accepted yet due to the issue of difference in application address and rent agreement address thus still is in assesment stage I suppose as per screenshot of my online application status stays " It is under assessment" (attached image). Last day I went to immigration office with new rent agreement with correct dates and address he accepted it but he is demanding the apartment property documents photocopy (Tapu). I'm going to with my landlord to immigration department to give the documents but I'm afraid they will raise another objection because of the apartment is own by her husband and rent agreement is made by landlord (her wife). My question is there would be any problem if property own by husband and rent agreement made by her wife? Note: I'm having this all mess of due to difference in address. My advice to everyone is to double or triple check your application before submitting because single clerical mistake can be a reason of rejection.
  6. I got private health insurance from AK sigorta in Tekirdağ for 1 year for only 209TL. 4442727
  7. Do you have you reveal your identity to be replied promptly?
  8. I applied my short term residence in Tekirdağ/Turkey. And now I want to cancel my application and want to apply from Istanbul. My question is this possible? Second I would like to ask if my application rejected from Tekirdağ, can I apply from Istanbul? Thirdly, I made a rent agreement for 1 year. If my application rejected, then I will go back to my home country. My question is do I have to pay the full year rent to my landlord? Fourthly, immigration officer told me to pay for an extra 4 months fee bcz I applied for only 2 months n paid that as well too. So I paid in the tax department but now I want to stay for a year. My question is can I pay for 6 months more at tax department by acquiring them how much it will be for my country and they will tell me and then I pay by my tax no? And then I will go to the immigration officer with other required document as he asked like he asked to make a new contract starting from atleast the start date of your residence period date and due to mistake in address. Because he already changed the period by hand on application for 6 months. If I take the fees he might will change it to 1 yr.
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