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  1. Hi everyone, Don't know where to start but here i go.. I have no boyfriend since birth and still a virgin. I met my turkish boyfriend through tinder we're both in new zealand and i'm asian. We've known each other for a year now and in a relationship for 5 months now. Our relationship has been like very bumpy. I met him around october last year and we continued talking till early this year, what happened was that on feb i asked him what he thinks of our relationship and cannot answer me properly. He said qoute "if you feel like you're my girlfriend you are and if you feel like you're my friend you are" so after that i stopped talking to him. But after a month he reached out to me. To which our relationship became even more intimate. And then sometime's he calls me his girlfriend but i don't give much thought since i don't want to assume again and get hurt. Then came in June it was the first time I heard him say 'i love you' and after that it was official. Now moving on he's been in turkey for 2 months now for some family stuff. So today, our conversation went to be being serious. So he said that my virginity is important and that if he ever takes it he doesn't want me to stay in the relationship even if i don't want to be in a relationship with him anymore, he said he wants me to stay because of i love him. Now this part is confusing to me because i do love him and even if the relationship is quite bumpy i'm willing to stay. So i ended up asking him 'aren't me in a relationship?' And this is what he replied to me °o° (the symbols of an emoji i can do here) which is pretty much very confusing and he didn't really answer my question after i asked for the 2nd time. And he said yes we are. The thing that bothers me here is that if he really meant it cos somehow it made me really think that was i the only one thinking that we're on a relationship? Or like was he just saying it because that's what i think we are? Like what he did on feb. When i tried to get answer from him he's avoiding it. If you guys can help me out on this one, i want to understand. Thank you in advance.
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