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  1. Cukurbagli, Thank you very much! Unfortunately, I can't just block his number as I will be seeing him as I visit the site again and talk to other people. I need to verbally just end it without being rude or offensive and I'm not sure how to do that. It's just been SO long since I've been single. I don't know what the world is like anymore! Thank you so much for responding!
  2. Hi and happy to be a part of these forums! I am a 61 yr old widow. My husband passed away 7 years ago and I would really enjoy some male companionship. I joined an online dating site and met several men....just messaging right now, nothing else....i am rather skeptical by nature. Anyway, one of the men is a Turkish gentleman who has been in my state (about 100 miles away) for around a year now. He has said that his mother passed away and he moved here from Turkey a year ago because his eldest sister is here. He retired and bought a house. His profile says he is divorced and 63 yrs old. He is very polite and gentlemanly however......he seems to be wanting to move things along rather quickly and I don't. I am a VERY independent woman. I've had a long and prosperous career and I don't need to depend on anyone financially. I also don't need to be showered with gifts and praise constantly and i most CERTAINLY do not want to be told what I can and can't do. All I want is a partner to grow older with and spend our final years together laughing and having fun with no drama. I do NOT do jealousy!! I have a lot of male friends and they will continue to be my friends for the rest of my life as long as they choose to be. After reading a LOT on this forum, I've come to the conclusion that pursuing a relationship with this gentleman would probably not be in either of our best interests. We have not talked that much and I told him that I didn't give out my telephone number until I knew a person pretty well. He gave me his and said I could call him or text him. Well, silly me.....I texted him and now he has my phone number (what was I thinking?) Anyway this all happened while we were talking online at the dating site. Here is how it happened in short:....Me: I don't give telephone number. Him: Well here is my phone number and you can call or text me. Now....I put his phone and name into my contacts and shoot him a "test" text just to see if he would get it. Keep in mind that this is all happening while we are talking online. Well, as soon as I send the text ... maybe less than a minute after, my phone starts ringing with his name coming up (because I put him in my contacts.) I asked him right then and there online "Did you just call me?" He says and I quote "No, how would I do that? I don't have your phone number. I'm not a magician." Well...he DID have my phone number because it showed up when I texted him and he did call me because it showed up on my caller ID (I didn't answer it.) So, needless to say, I am now pretty unhappy about the whole situation. My question for people on this forum is. How do I break off communication with this man before it goes any further. I do not want to anger or offend him in any way. I just want to stop speaking. I know some of you will say I have every right to confront him about lying, etc. I do NOT want to do this. I just want us to go our separate ways on friendly terms. Is this possible and if so can anyone suggest how I would go about it? I am so new to the online dating thing and I am woefully ignorant on different cultures. Can anyone please help? Thanks so much!
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