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  1. Hello, I'm wondering what documents you need for the financial proof for the family residency? If my sponsor doesn't have a job but rather savings and we put it in the bank to show for the interview, is there a certain amount of time it has to be in your account, or is it fine to show them on the day your balance and thats that? Is there any further checks in the future or is it all on that day? What documents do we need to show and sign? and where do we need to get them signed? In the interview or before? Thank you,
  2. I've slot to write about my experience in Istanbul trying to get the short term residence permit. I have managed to submit yesterday after a wild goose chase. I'm trying to get a muracaat to leave the country for Christmas however I have to wait for my reply from Turkey. Or come back in 10 days (unknown response) I got told that I could leave and pay a fine at the airport and get a conditional letter to enter the country again, maybe having to redo my application process .. I'm bot sure. Has anyone got any experience or information about this, how much the fee and can I enter again even though my visa has run out but in the process of STR??
  3. Thank you Ken for the sound advice I will follow steps good and proper.. Sounds all well and good. One problem I see is that I want to leave from the 7th of December to the UK and arrive back in Turkey on the 29th of December.. I have applied for the residency permit to start on the 29th of December for when I return.. what is your thoughts would it work for me?
  4. Hi all, would like to ask some advice. I am planning to stay in Turkey for an extra six months with a tourist short term residency. My 90 days run out on the 5th of December 2018, and I have booked an appointment on the 4th of December in Istanbul. I have applied for my residency permit to begin on the 29th of December , 2018. I want to leave turkey for Christmas period and come back on the 29th of December to begin my residency permit .. does that sound possible first? I have read that they give you a temporary permit in the mean time.. and that will work for living in Turkey until official documents comes in the mail... I am wondering how long the application process take from the interview usually, also do they keep your passport to process.. will I be able to leave the country and come back on the 29th to obtain my residency permit... it seems a little tricky so would love some advice. Thanks, Tom.
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