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  1. Here is the latest update about the situation: We couldn't sit down at home and wait for 157 to call back about our inquiry so we went directly to the Fatih branch in Istanbul (although the appointment was in Pendik) to get the latest status on my partner's case. The first desk that we visited was the information desk on the ground floor. The person in charge took my partner's passport and after spending a few minutes with his computer he handed over a note on a paper and told us that her information isn't registered and we should visit "Z Odasi" on the second floor and they will he
  2. Yes my partner is in the same situation. I just posted my story in another thread. where did you apply?
  3. My partner delivered her documents by appointment exactly 90 days ago (16 August 2018) to Istanbul, Pendik office but she hasn't received any SMS or email so far. Also, the Goc Idarasi (Immigration Office) didn't give her the paper which usually they hand out after receiving the application. She went there a month ago again to find out about her result but they told her to wait 90 days. she made numerous calls to 157 and every time they told her to wait 90 days. Finally, today She called them and the first representative gave her a tracking number which made us excited but later found th
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