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  1. Thank you Ken. On the "how-to" apply site say one is allowed to apply only a month before so we did that. The trouble was this time my passport photo disappeared between the police station and the immigration office. Took us three months to find out through "Hot-line" So we went to Fatih, gave them another one and finally I did received it. A bit late but Happy new Year!!!!!
  2. Just a short note. I did received my Residency card on 3 January, after five months wait. The card is for two years, so I will have to apply again in 18 months time???? Good luck to all new applicants!
  3. İn Tuzla. Yesterday I have got a number to ring to find out what is happening. The lady told me on November 17 I will get the answer!!??? They will let me know where and when will I get my res. card. The Univ. applied for a "family card" because the short term card could be just six months so I am classified as a new applicant. Very confusing. Will let you know when it is eventuates. Your friend will need his application number and passport number handy, mother and father name and where he is staying now. They are very polite and helpful!!!!
  4. I applied for residency permit with ALL the right documents, went to the police station, paid etc. That was 16 August 2018 and still nothing. Did not even got a piece papers to prove it . The receipt for payment had to be given to the police officer. And that is it, nothing!!! This is the third time I had to do it. The first was for four years the second for two years and now. No idea if and when I get one. I am a wife of an academic, husband received his through. But I always have to apply. Does not make me feel good to be an "illegal" in the last 3.5 months. What a mess! Anybody had similar experience?
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