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  1. While I was there the country was placed on martial law for several weeks. There was a 6:00 pm curfew which didn't fit in with none of our plans for the evenings especially since there was no TV or radio to entertain you. So we moved about carefully avoiding the Turkish Military standing with weapons on many street corners. However one evening we were caught by surprise rounding a corner when we had two machine guns pointed in our faces by a couple of Turkish military. I quickly flashed my NATO ID badge hoping they would buy off on some official business excuse. They didn't speak English and we only had learned a few Turkish words none of which I thought would help in this situation. After much non communication we decided to raise our heads and keep walking like we were suppose to be there. They followed us to our apartment and that was the end of it. I was also there when they were conducting a census it was forbidden to leave your dwelling at all during that day. Imagine if that was tried in the US.
  2. Ken, The last and only time I had raki was when our Turkish landlord invited us to there home for dinner. That stuff has one heck of a powerful kick lucky the meal consisted of several courses and lasted many hours.
  3. I spent almost two years in Izmir Turkey in the US Army 1969-1970 working at the Sirinyer Garrison in the Signal Corps. Spent the first few months working at Disko Hit then spent the rest at the garrison. There was a group of us that were almost always together spending time at the beach on most weekends. We have all reconnected recently and are having a reunion in Hilton Head SC in the spring.
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