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  1. Ken, do you know if this Tricare Select Overseas that you described is available to Disabled or 100% Disabled Vets who are NOT retired from U.S. Armed Forces? From what i read recently on the Tricare Overseas website it's only for Retired, Medal of Honor recipients, and Dead Veteran's Wife and Kids. And then also on the VA website i read what is available to Disabled Vets is called Foreign Medical Program, which covers treatment on the VA rated disabilities ONLY, and with only specific Doctors on the Economy. I'm going to call both VA and Tricare to verify, but i like what you said, Ken, MUCH better.
  2. Last i recall, in the U. S., if there is no Veteran Hospital or Clinc within 100 miles Disabled Vets can qualify for Tricare and Champa. Does anyone know how healthcare works overseas, particularly Turkey? I'm also curious if i need to travel to the States for my VA annual appointments in order to continue receiving my disability checks and prescriptions.
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