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  1. Thank you Ken. This is the news i was hoping for! I'll let you know later in the year how I get on.
  2. Thank you both. So is it fair to say that I buy the e-visa, 90 days travel insurance, then, at the beginning of the third month, purchase 1 years turkish health insurance and ask for the start date to be the 91st day after arrival and then apply for the short term residency.
  3. I am struggling with getting my head around when to apply. Obviously I will get a 90 day Visa to travel to Turkey from UK and presumably buy 90 day travel insurance. At what point do I apply for the Short Term Residency plus Turkish Health Insurance and how can I time it so as to maximize my 90 day visa and travel insurance?
  4. Thanks Ken. I have a comprehensive POA which has been apostilled and I will have it translated and notarized. I think I will engage a solicitor as I will also be applying for short term residency.
  5. She has nothing except keys and address. It was all destroyed and she has not been to the property for over 10 years due to ill health.
  6. I am coming to Turkey with a power of attorney to sell a property for my friend. A long time has passed since she bought the property and they have lost the TAPU and tax number. How can I resolve this please?
  7. I am coming to Turkey next year to repair, decorate and sell my friend's apartment in Fethiye for her. I will have a Power of Attorney to act on her behalf. I will need to apply for a short term resident permit. I will be living in the apartment. So what documents regarding proof of residence do I need to present at my interview.
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