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  1. Nick

    Bank Account

    Intention is to apply for Turkish Citizenship via investment model. However it will start mid of next year. Until then I was thinking is possible to open a bank account remotely. cheers
  2. Hello there Friends, I would like to open a bank account in Turkey, while am still living outside. How can I do that? cheers
  3. Nick

    ROI rental

    Many thanks buddy for your reply. Yes I am in contact with some real estate agents and am not impressed as their main purpose is to sell what ever is in their portfolio and some times exaggerate the ROI. I am looking to find some investors here to know their experience on this matter. Website is very useful. thanks cheers
  4. Nick

    ROI rental

    I am going to apply for turkish citizenship for 250,000 worth of property buy. However i have some questions In Istanbul which areas ha rental yield as 4% NET. (I repeat Net) Is there a website where the laws and process is clearly detailed where to go for applying passport once you have a title deed? Has any one went thru this path to share his experience? cheers
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