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  1. Hi everyone, can anyone recommend a good solicitor in this area, preferably english speaking as my turkish is not that good yet. thanks daveb
  2. Hi, My wife and i purchased a house in Altinkum area in October 2007. The seller at the time, although a Turkish citizen, lives in Germany. At the time the seller transferred the property to the estate agent, who then is selling to us. We saw a solicitor and the notary in Oct 2007, and tapu applications were started. Now it is almost Sept a year later, we have furnished and are using the home, but still haven't received a tapu. We understand the recent delays in the tapu office but wondered if you could advise of the current situation, have tapu's started being issued again please. Our estate agent is 'cagey' and says in a couple of weeks, although how many couple of weeks have and will go by, is anyone's guess. Alarm bells are starting to ring, as recently, he was caught trying to show other people properties that are for sale on the development, and was trying to use ours as a show home, it was also my understanding that they were overheard telling clients ours was for sale, which it isn't. Is there an office that we can approach, to tell us 1) if the application has ever been made, and 2) is it due for issue, please. Sadly my Turkish is not yet good enough to speak in anyway fluently, and being in the uk makes it more difficult. Thanks in anticipation dave
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