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  1. Does resident permit include those who are on "touristic" residencies? I heard that you won't be able to apply with 5 years of that specific type of residency.
  2. I have a short term residency based on owning a property here (not tourist, i think it's called real estate residency) and I'm living in Turkey most of the year. Lots of people are telling me that after 3-5 years of this type of residency you are eligible to apply for citizenship. I have also heard that it's NOT true so I keep getting mixed messages on this. I'm also about to start the process of getting a work permit here as well. So my questions are: 1. Does the "real estate" residency actually lead to citizenship? 2. If I get a work permit, does the period of "real estate" residency still count towards the 5 years (assuming it actually does lead to citizenship)?
  3. My wife had her renewal appointment yesterday and we had put the enerjisa bill with the papers. The immigration lady only checked her passport stamp and took the nufus paper, tax payment and photos. She didn't even take the adalet paper. Now we are waiting for the approval.
  4. Our residencies have been renewed (we received the evaluated positively SMS), but we haven't received our cards and are outside Turkey currently. I have the application form copies and we are both from the UK. At passport control shall i show them the application form copies or does this require an e-visa for both us?
  5. In this case what is the situation upon renewal? For touristic purposes do they get to a point where they say you can't renew anymore as a tourist?
  6. We went today to Bakirkoy and the guy switched the application from Property owner to tourist short-term. This is in the case that a property is owned by more than 1 person and you can't prove that they are related by 1st degree. We could have proven but it would have been a hassle.
  7. We sent my mother's application by mail to Bakırköy immigration office. This was a renewal of her short-term residency based on a property she and my father own. This is the message: Sayin HANA XXXXXX BASVURUNUZLA ILGILI TAPUDA ADI GECEN KISILER ARASINDAKI AKRABALIK ILISKISINI GOSTEREN KONSOLOSLUK VE KALMAKAMLIK ONAYLI BELGEYI 30 GUN ICERISINDE BAKIRKOY IKAMET BASKANLIGIMIZA ELDEN TESLIM ETMENIZ GEREKMEKTEDIR. POSTA YOLUYLA GONDERILEN EKSIK EVRAKLAR KABUL EDILMEYECEKTIR. 071118A36 B001 The agent told us it's because the property is owned by more than one person and both can have the real estate residency only if they are related by 1st degree. My father doesn't have residency. We will go on Monday but had anyone seen this message and know what we should bring with us?
  8. When I did my son's short-term, at the provincial immigration office in summer, I had his birth certificate legalised from the UK government, as well as a translated and notarized copy of it from Turkey. At the interview the lady said she can only accept the original one so I had to give that to her. I have another original with me that isn't legalised. She said get a copy of it stamped by your consulate and then stamped by us and we can accept it. I called the UK consulate in Istanbul and they don't certify birth certificates. Anyone face the same issue and what shall I do?
  9. The guy was in such a rush he looked at all the papers and she didn't have time to mention the passport number difference. He did see that she had an old and new passport and wasn't too bothered. He only took the notarized rental copy, insurance, new passport copy, and current short-term residence permit copy. Can that have a negative affect on the process?
  10. Thanks for the reply. My situation is that about 2 yesterday ago I obtained the short-term on a rental although I have had a property here since 2015. Right now in waiting for my work permit to come out so do they see that as part of the 5 years?
  11. I keep getting conflicting messages on citizenship. If someone lives in Turkey 5 years continuously on a short-term residency and satisfies the number of days that they are allowed outside, can they apply for citizenship?
  12. My friend went to the appointment and all was smooth (she's from the Philippines). They didn't ask her anything, but they told her to pay for 1 year although she requested 2 years. They gave her a paper saying they will let her know about the decision within 90 days maximum. This step wasn't there before. Is it possible that they refuse after this step?
  13. Thanks a lot for your reply. This corroberates what they told me. You have saved me a trip to fatih. Thanks
  14. My friend has her short term renewal appointment in Pendik, Istanbul on the 6th of November. The agency that filled her application gave me the documents today but they have inputted her OLD passport number. My friend got her residence permit from Antalya in June (which they gave only 6 months) and she has since moved to Istanbul and during this time also renewed her passport. The agency is very sure that it's OK and told me they asked immigration as well and have done this "many" times before. They said her new passport number didn't work during the application. Knowing everyone gives you a different answer here I'm confused on what to do. I'm thinking of taking her to FATIH and updating her new passport/address (she has done the NUFUS update in Istanbul and traveled to Dubai for a few days with the new passport).
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