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  1. teşekkür ederim KenBey, Awesome insight. I loved the article. Very valuable points. Will consider the above measures + 2x *Kangals (and *ear plugs for the all-night barking).
  2. Invaluable, teşekkür ederim IbrahimAbi. If we weren't located so far away I would happily train your dogs to not eat any food under any circumstances unless by your verbal or visual command. I've had experience with large/strong working (guard) dog breeds for asset/human protection and overall general obedience. In interviews by police with criminals caught (for robbery/burglaries) the number one fear/impediment/deterrent to a target property given by all criminals was the presence of a (working) dog. It takes a lot of training, but once done, it's programmed for life. Wish I could do the same with the kids.
  3. Thank you very much Ken and Ibrahim for taking time to share your first-hand knowledge. I'm fresh off the boat and appreciate veteran insight. Coming from UK and Spain I noticed a heightened state of security and was wondering why such overt presence. Thank you for your insight as it's always best to hear it from seasoned locals who tell it like it is. In Spain, living in the countryside (El Campo) requires security: dogs, fence, alarm, etc as robberies are common. It's why secure, gated 24/7 security compounds are sought-after by expats and the security-conscious who pay a premium (in management fees). I noticed some remote country homes for sale on Sahibinden have barbed wire fencing. Would the Spanish countryside example be the case in remote/countryside Antalya?
  4. Hi, Is 24/7 security really needed in a compound in Antalya? I mean, is it dangerous, are robberies common. What exactly are the security "securing" against? Any real-world, first-hand experience appreciated (as new to Antalya) and deciding on a place to live (outskirts of Antalya). teşekkür ederim/thank you.
  5. Hi, I'm relocating to Antalya and considering renting a villa in Palm City (or similar compound with like facilities: 24 hour security, indoor/outdoor pools, gym, etc). Do you, or anyone you know have any experience in Palm City? Are there any other compounds (within 30 mins to the heart of Antalya) that you would recommend also considering? Any recommendations and/or feedback would be appreciated; especially on issues that are not highlighted in the glossy company brochures (like potential electricity cuts, sewerage/drainage odours, noise, etc). Guidance appreciated. Thanks in Advance, Dean
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