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  1. Anadolu sigorta offers an associates/agent list, amongs those associates was isbank. We chose the bank because we weren't sure about the addresses they looked like they were home offices, I could be wrong about this but we didn't want to get into any awkward situations. It turns out that banks offers the kimlik insurance too, Ankara sigorta didn't get back to me, so I looked up an other insurance company, it's with ziraat bank they insured my hubby for 800tl myself for 600tl the kids for 455tl. I took your advice and asked for two policies they were in English though, do you think I should get one in Turkish for the interview?
  2. Well I went to the bank to purchase insurance, she asked for our passports, vergi numbers, and a credit card, I had told her initially that we want to pay cash, but then it turned out that we needed vergis for the kids too, she rescheduled us for the next day and request all the documents mentioned before and asked again "credit card yok?" I said yes we do have one but want to pay cash, she asked to see our foreign cards, she held and looked at it and said you need to bring this too for tomorrow's appointment. I found this emphesis about the credit card weird, that's why I mentioned it here.
  3. Thank you Ken, Ok I see, I remember when we got ours, it was very quick. So i guess will do that first. Oh one more thing the bank clerck asked us for our credit card as a requirment, she insisted that this is a requirment, is this normal? I feel like I'm always a step behind with this paperwork requirements, it truly feels like it's endless. How long did it take you guys to get it all togethers on your first time applicattion?
  4. Hi everyone, I went to get insurace for my family today, and I was told my kids need a vergi numersi too to be included in the policy, my kids are under 18. Is this true? I have also submitted a quote request for ankara sigorta, but I'm not sure whether they will ask for the kids vergi's number aswel.
  5. Bibatulips

    Apostille for Birth Certificate

    I see, thank you for your explanation and support ken. Enjoy your Sunday!
  6. Hi everyone( Although I think it's only Ken that is here!) I have a question about the apostille stamp on the kids birth certificates, does anyone know what that is, and whether Canadians need to apply for it? I taught just a birth certificate would suffice, if anyone knows it would save me a trip to the embassy! is it a must on the first meeting or would the agent request that as an additional document? Thank you in advance.
  7. I see, thank you so much!
  8. Bibatulips

    I feel like a lost fool

    Thank you for your support and wisdom Ken. I will share this valuable resource.
  9. Bibatulips

    I feel like a lost fool

    Hi everyone, I managed to get my contract, and noterized it, after a big ordeal, just as we were planing to move out they decided to comply. It's all a little vague to me, but right now all I care about is to get my documents straight and if funny things happen after we'll deal with it then. Do i need the landlord to register for nufus? Or can we do it on our own? Thank you in advance.
  10. Thank you Ken! Ok now I understand, one little detail I just noticed at the very bottem of the website there section called documents required, I was so happy to find that, but that didn't last for very long, it was even more confusing, for example they ask for sealed insurance document, I assume they want a signed hard copy and not a print out or a card of some sort, right? So when I buy insurance online would that work too? Thank you in advance.
  11. Thank you Ken. I see, does it matter that the insurance is from Ankara, even though I'm in bursa? Also what do you recommend 1 or 2 year insurance, I heared that the maximum years you get as first time applicant is always 1 year, is that correct? Do I need to purchase insurance for my kids aswell? Do the kids need to file kimlik application each too? I'm sorry, I sound like a broken record here, I'm just a little confused. I am very thankful for your support.
  12. Ok, I see. So I submit the application/appointment request and pick a date and when it's time for the appointment I need to take all documents requested with me. Please coccrect me if I'm wrong. I guess I need to purchase insurance before apply for appointment too right? Does anyone know how long this process takes, I mean from submitting the request to attending the appointment? Thank you for your support again Ken!
  13. Hi everyone, I have a question, when you apply at the e kamit website they ask you to upload a picture, do i need to go to the photographer and get a digital file then upload it? Thank you.
  14. Bibatulips

    I feel like a lost fool

    Oh man, that's what I was afraid of. When we signed the contract we intented to commit to it obviously, but what do you do when the otherside Peeps you ? This isn't fair.
  15. Bibatulips

    I feel like a lost fool

    Hi again, I have a concern about the rent contract that we have signed with this current landloard, we didn't noterize it and I never had a chance to put my hands on the duplicate, my concern is would he be able to take legal action against us because we left earlier?