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  1. Hello everybody! Last week I got my permit, YAY I can't wait to reapply again in one more month , what's weird is that the mail man opened MY envelope, and pulled MY card out and wrote down my kimlik number, I thought ok! I guess this is how they do it here, until my husband received his today, and to my surprise the mail man hands him the envelope and walks away! Am I missing something here? or is this strange?
  2. Bibatulips

    Moving to Guzelbahce In May 2019 to Marry a Turk

    Hi BeckyEde, I agree with what Ken said 100%, the reason we all reacted to this post is because you asked us for advice, and we cared about you, I did not want you to get burnt but wanted you to be alert and to take precautions, because you only you can discover/undercover the truth so that you find peace with any decision you make. I'm sorry if I come off too strong, I have been burnt/scammed so many times even lost everything once before, the two major lesson I learned is 1. take your time with anything. 2. always have a plan B, even a plan C is not a bad idea. I wish you all the best, Take care.
  3. Bibatulips

    Moving to Guzelbahce In May 2019 to Marry a Turk

    Hi Becky, Speaking of plan B, it's always a good idea to keep a copy of your passport with someone outside of your current (or future environment), and it certainly doesn't hurt to send your self a copy to your email. I had a funny experience with an agent once that really alerted me, long story short he was asking for this ridicules amount of money to which we replied we are going to need sometime to arrange for it all, he was rushing us, to the point we got annoyed, we astood up and were ready to go, and he suddenly demanded our passports the way he did it was quite bizzare, I asked him why he wanted them he said for safe keeping and garantee, BLACKMAIL was the proper word for it.
  4. Bibatulips

    Moving to Guzelbahce In May 2019 to Marry a Turk

    Hi Beckey, I agree with you it is always a good idea to have plan B. I wish you the best!
  5. Bibatulips

    student permit

    When we had applied the agent didn't even look at any of our supporting documents. If I were you, I would act like I just had a hearty bowl of soup, don't be nervous and take it easy. Don't jump the gun and point out the error, just let it be if they don't comment on it.
  6. Update: So sicilsiz basicly means that the property is unregistered, this happened because my appointment water bill was under my landlord's husband name, and once they got divorced he cancelled his water subscription, and thus the was company came and cut the water. Solution: contacted landlord after tried to explain, luckily I had taken the number of water company worker, they called him and explained, a week later with a lot of fuss from my side to get the paperwork sorted, she went registered her property under her name, and somehow I had to pay for all her expenses or else she was going to cut the water because apparently she is doing me a favour because I don't have kimlik yet. So basically blackmailed me into paying yet another few hundreds non refundable deposit. Note: I'm not writing this to rant, this is purely for educational purposes, so please learn before you burn.
  7. Bibatulips

    Shipping To Turkey

    Well Ken I doubt that I will be pursuing this any further, I have zero confidence that if I get the paperwork done, this would resolve and I would receive my rightfully owned supplies. I keep thinking what if I send the forms and then they say it's "disposed" of ..... I'm sorry...I don't want to get into the state of ranting about it anymore.... I will definitely inform you if any news arise from this case.
  8. Well I guess it's their loss!
  9. Bibatulips

    Shipping To Turkey

    That could be! I would of appreciated if they had told me the real reason, instead of giving the run around.
  10. Thank you wbtcpip, like Johnny Nash said : " I can see clearly now the rain is gone " European & Canadian, however we have been referred to as Syrians since we came here, maybe we look Syrian?! I don't know. It does explain why the agent was asking us whether we are going to buy a property here, I guess he was thinking "If it looks like a duck waddles like a duck, its a DUCK. I don't know what else to say.
  11. Bibatulips

    Shipping To Turkey

    We after emailing every single email UPS has domestic and international, they wrote me this: Quote: " Dear Customer, We tried to clear the shipment with simple an authorization letter but it has been not accepted by the customs since the package of content so in order to clear mentioned shipment,a noterized power of attorney is needed from you The power of attorney should by notarized by local Turkish notary. Temporary tax number will be given by local tax office.Or you can release your broker. It’s completely out of UPS control. Saygılarımla Regards," And they sent me this document as well, I will attache for other members to be informed, I don't really have any hope of getting my parcel ever again. Vekalet örneği 2017_1.pdf
  12. Bibatulips

    Ups Or Fedex Question

    For any future readers/inquires the custom threshold currently is under $75 and under 30KG, and 5 orders a year. This is the "official" story, reality is nothing is really safe under the threshold, everything goes through customs private or public mail service. I have used UPS it was fast and all but it was held by customs, even when it was well under threshold. My money went down the drain yet again!
  13. Bibatulips

    Shipping To Turkey

    Ok I wish I had read this post before I naively ordered craft and jewellery making supplies, well I guess someone needs to treat the UPS staff too, they will be making cabochon bracelets and druzy Krystal earnings, just in time for Christmas!!! YaaaaY "look, I told you Santa exists!". My package was held at custom, even when it was lower that the threshold which is not over $75 and under 30kg and less that five orders a year ( this was my first and last order). UPS does not pick their phone ( they pick up once and bluntly hung up on me, they never picked up after that)nor do they reply to any emails. They are solely communicating with the sender telling them That I'm not responding to their request, I have emailed them the customs clearance form over 20 times now, and they deny they have received it. UPS is no good either, yes the package was super fast it took just 2 days from china to Istanbul but it has been sitting here for a week now, waiting patiently to be "disposed of".
  14. Thank you wbtcpip for your info. We actually applied on 20 October 2018, In Bursa though, so don't really know what other reason the Goc has than repelling foreigners from coming here. Our plan was to stay here for one year maybe a month or two longer, slapping us in the face with 5 months ( 4 month if you don't count the waiting period), is causing us to deeply regret it all.