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  1. Hey fellas, What documents or qualifications do I need to rent a car in Turkey ( Istanbul ) thanks.
  2. Hey fellas, I need an address to vergi odasi or tax office in Istanbul which is close to Taksim sq so I can obtain my tax number. when I search in google map, it gives me irrelevant stuff. thanks
  3. translated what ? passport ? I should have my passport translated into Turkish ?
  4. I am moving to Istanbul next month to buy a property and I have a few concerns Do I need a residence permit number to buy property in Turkey? How do I obtain a residence permit number? What offices or online websites do I need to refer to as a new expat?
  5. I am doing the same next month, we can meet up and talk or something bro
  6. Does the price of the property play a role ? or it is just random ? How long did the procedure take to get your one year residence and is it renewable ?
  7. Hello, I am planning to purchase property in Turkey ( Istanbul ) and I have some concerns. 1- Will buying a house guarantee me obtaining a 1 year residence visa in Turkey and if so will it be renewable as long as I have the property ? is there a chance I may fail to obtain this residence permit ? ( all given that I have no criminal records and am in good health ). 2- What benefits do I again ( aside from the financial aspect ) of owning a flat in Turkey ? 3- Do I need my foreign ID to buy a flat ? 4- What part of Istanbul is best for running errands and working. 5-
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