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  1. Hello everyone, As REDDERS here said - he is yet to hear of someone’s appeal being accepted. Let me just say - he will still have to wait. My appeal against their decision was rejected. No explaination was given. I was given an option to appeal to the Ankara Administrative Court, although appealing there doesn’t stop implementation of the decision of DGMM to leave the country within 10 days. Moreover, they refused to refund 2,700+ liras I paid for ikamet taxes. So, I am leaving tomorrow morning to visit Georgia, buy some bottles of Georgian wine to help ease the sorrow, and come
  2. I think their policies are super inconsisent. One day they say one thing, the other day another. Seems to me it has reached the point where the default answer to anything is “no”, and flexibility depends greatly case-by-case. What is hard for me to understand is why they want to make life more difficult to people who actually spend money here and pay for every service they get.
  3. There is a paper form that needs to be filled in (see attachment). What they also ask is to submit copies of passport, previous residence permit, if any, and any supporting documents concerning the case (I added the copies of insurance policies and a reference letter from my work). Needless to say, it needs to be filled in Turkish only.
  4. I actually called 157 to ask about this issue before I submitted my online application, and they told me to enter the details of the second policy on the form, as that is the one with the longer validity. So that’s what I did. Naturally, I submitted both policies in original, signed and sealed. I wouldn’t think that could be the reason for rejection, as it is entirely their IT glitch.
  5. Of course I did. I applied for a two-year residence permit, with two sepatate annual insurance policies, exact dates involved. I attached both policies to my application. Seriously - I am almost 100% confident that those guys at Göç idaresi don’t even read the applications or check any of the supporting documents. Probably it all depends which officer checks whose file. By the way, as most probably have no idea - citizens of Serbia (along Norway and Fiji) pay approximately 2,700 liras for a two year permit, just in ikamet taxes.
  6. An update to all: the message I mentioned in the first post indeed means that an application has been rejected. I went to my original office in Pendik this morning, they sent me to Fatih main office, and after a looooong wait, I was informed that my application was rejected for the most absurd reason - absence of adequate insurance. I went back to the information desk where a man was also puzzled by the rejection letter and advised me to file an appeal along with supporting documents (copies of passport, residence permit, insurance policies, work reference letter, etc), which I just did.
  7. Thanks again, REDDERS. Well, I guess I will know everything tomorrow. Till then, I am going crazy wondering what the outcome will be...
  8. Thank you for your answer, REDDERS. I will definitely go to the Göç office on Monday and learn. I just wonder - in case they do reject my application - what would be my rights? I guess there is the right of appeal. In case I do appeal - am I allowed to stay in the country? Any information would be appreciated.
  9. Thank you for your answer, Ken. I am just very worried, as a long time has passed since I made my application. I took my documents to the Pendik office on June 18, and today was the first update in the e-ikamet system. As a citizen of Serbia I had to use the first application module for the extension purpose (no idea why the DGMM requires that of citizens of Serbia or Montenegro). They didn’t ask me for the health report or any of the new documents mentioned in another topic on this forum, so I am wondering if this message means they want more documents from me? Or do they want
  10. I have an issue some of you might help with. I applied for an extension of my short-term residence permit months ago. When I logged into e-ikamet portal to check my application status, I received the information: Kayıt durumunuz : It has been concluded. It is required to apply to Provincial Directorate of Migration Management I called 157 immediately, and they were not very helpful. Do any of you know what this may mean? My application was “Under Assesment” till today afternoon (I have been checking multiple times a day). I didn’t receive any text message or e-mail from th
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