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  1. Hi Cukurbagli Hope you are doing well. Thank you for your information. Much appreciated. For sure planning to go to kas soon.
  2. Thank you, Ken. You always explain everyone's questions with great details. Much appreciated. Very helpful information.
  3. Ken Thanks for your detailed answers again. About Alanya your impression is not wrong. I'm living here for a couple of months... and you got it ... not a place to live long-term ... Interesting stuff about Kas ... It sounds really good vibes to me... I mean to me, I would like to live in a place with less stress, surrounded with happy and respectful people who are not judging you and are doing their own businesses. Turkey is a really beautiful place... so I'd like to live in nature or kinda close to nature, and city...I'd like to rent a decent apartment, with a nice view, clea
  4. Hi Ken, Hope you are doing well. Ken Thanks for your detailed answer. Just wondering why you have never lived in Alanya. So ken did you find Antalya city center more suitable for your lifestyle than Izmir? Which area of Antalya should I look for on Sahibinden for apartment rentals,...Districts... ( what is the pricing for a decent 1+1 with a nice view) .....Is city center close to the beach.... I mean do you have a nice view of the beach or mountains...
  5. Hi I'm Sean from Toronto. Currently living in Alanya, but would like to relocate to kas or another beautiful city like Antalya or Izmir. I'm looking for a nice, safe and quiet place with internet, beautiful view, and easy access to nature. So How easy is that to find a decent place to rent in kas. How about Safety...access to the restuarant...supermarket... Any suggestions or recommendation about living in kas, or Izmir, or Antalya would greatly be appreciated.
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